Festival Time in My Therapy Book

  • Nov. 6, 2020, 9:11 a.m.
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It is that time of the year again, Harvest Festival time. 72 hours of nonstop work and a level of exhaustion that I don’t experience at any other time. Except that this year it is not going to be that or anywhere near it. I know it was a hell of a lot of work, a lot of irritation, and at time I was straight up pissed off but I felt part of something special. A group of people working together for a common cause and on some level that made me a better person even if it was only for 3 days. My wife does not get it. Her question was why are you doing it if you are not getting volunteer hours? She does not understand how I feel about it and I don’t think I could explain it to her. I don’t believe she would understand. It hurts that we don’t have a level of communication that allows for that.

My sister is coming down to Florida this weekend to celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary. She comes every year but if always falls on the Harvest Festival weekend so I don’t get to see her. This year, because of the change in the festival I will get to see her. I can’t decide if I want to smoke a pork but or beef brisket. Both would be really good but the pork would be easier and cheaper. The beef would be more flavorful. I guess I will decide when I get to the store and see what my meat cut options are. I may even ask my sister in law if she wants to go to the butcher and pick up some quality cut. On the other hand I could hold off all together and hope that there is a left over pork but from the festival I can pick up already cooked and ready to go. That would make for an easy day.

On a side note, I am giving up Fishdom for the week. I know this sounds stupid but I bet I waste several hours a day playing this stupid game and it has become an addiction. sitting on the toilet long enough for you legs to go to sleep playing Fishdom is not a great way to spend your life. Granted I am up to lvl 3756, but I am not sure that is something to really be proud of. I am going to stop playing for a week and see if I can do something more productive with my time. What is amazing is that even though I have said I am not going to play I have not been able to bring myself to delete it from the phone or tablet yet. Just goes to show how strong of a hold those type of things can have on you. If you have not watched The Social Dilemma yet you should.

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