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  • Nov. 5, 2020, noon
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A person belonging to the political left and usually identifying with the radical, anti-capitalist, or revolutionary sectors of left politics. Includes anarchists, Marxists, communists, socialists, and all other explicitly radical left ideologies.

Leftists are not Liberals. They are not part of the revolution they are the programmed sheep. They do what they’re told to do. They think what they’re told to think. They feel what they’re told to feel. They don’t want to complicate the picture so they like it this way. They’re radicals. They narcissistically believe that their view is sufficient enough for everybody. That their knowledge is all that needs to be known. They possess an oversimplified view of the world. They develop a single-axiom in which they believe everything can be explained. ie: straight white cis man = bad. Their reaction to information that does not fit into their confirmation bias is visceral. They attack you, not the argument. If you don’t agree with them then you’re racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, a nazi etc. They call it misinformation, hate speech or conspiracy. To them, hearing an opposing opinion equates to bullying and violence. They need a safe space. They believe that not getting their way equates to oppression. They’re pathological. Only one outcome and one outlook can exist. They think attacking people with different think is morally justified because they have convinced themselves that they stand on some moral high ground. Most frustrating of all, as narcissists, they will always maintain double standards. Lauren Chen said something last night that stuck out to me. She said that we are all in a civil war because the left has dehumanized everyone who leans just the slightest bit right. This is at least a civil culture war across all of western civilization. The narcissism of small differences has made the left tribal. There is no space for differences of opinion. Click Here to read about how their victim signalling and virtue signalling are indicators of dark triad personalities. Yesterday, leftists thought they were owning me with their CNN rhetoric. I am used to this. I have differences of opinion so I’m the bad guy in their made-up hero story. They will use all the narcissist tactics to use me as their narcissist supply to justify why they think the world is so cruel to them. Thus, you always have to ask yourself if it is worth debating a leftist. It’s only worth it when there is an audience that you can sway. Leftists don’t change their minds.

These leftists are the neo-Marxists we were always warned about. Leftists are the social justice warriors that killed 6 million in Nazi Germany, 20 million in Soviet Russia and 40 Million in communist China. These leftists are dangerous. Not the liberals, the leftists. Democracy needs liberals. Not everyone on the left is a radical, some stand by liberal beliefs, some are just moderate political consumers, some don’t stray too far from the mainstream narrative. That’s all fine until you have radicals tearing up your city and trying to take away your police. I used to have that groupthink. The leftist one. I at least went along with it. I didn’t realize the damage it was doing. I challenged myself to listen to the other side and realized that I was unable to represent any of my previous opinions and beliefs. I did the crazy thing and changed my mind. Now I’m in some alternate reality to these leftists or some instigator whenever I challenge an opinion. Something that people on the right do, which is a guilty pleasure, is that they make a spectacle of the leftists. They go down to college campuses or to their protests to try and get nuanced dialogue knowing that they will not get anything nuance. You can replace one leftist with another and they will just say the same thing. That has now become a dangerous activity.

This is the closest that America has succumbed to that ideological subversion. It is a tragedy that the outcome of their election was taken away from the voters where it belongs and put in the hands of highly partisan and corrupt lawyers, judges and bureaucrats. The will of the people should determine the outcome of an election, not the government. The disturbing part is how close the Democrats came to possessing everything. This is not an opinion, the DNC wanted to use the supreme court as a partisan political weapon. They wanted to add new states to pack the congress for the senate seats. They wanted to pack the Supreme Court. They wanted to pack the electorate itself with 20 million foreign nationals. None of this was to improve or heal America. It was to create a permanent Democratic majority, a one-party state with complete control over the population. The system that governs the greatest country on Earth was at stake and the DNC did not win the senate and they do not have the Supreme Court. The constitution and the bill of rights will restrain them from destroying America. That is the silver lining. God was on our side for that.

America will be hard to heal with whoever ends up in the white house. Leftists were indoctrinated to believe that the very system that governs them is the root of all social injustice and evil. Textbook Marxist indoctrination to make them want communism. They believe that everyone who disagrees with their radicalized ideologies is a mortal enemy. They want them to be punished. This ideological subversion is in all western societies right now. Trump started a momentum with conservatives/liberals and centrists. They are not disappearing when Trump does. It is the counter-culture and the woke are in shock by how many actually voted for Trump. They see that as a lot of evil white supremacists and brainwashed minorities. The Republicans got a record jump in minority votes. Minorities are starting to take back their narratives. We don’t need white saviours. The silent majority is still going to have their opposing opinions and they are still going to stand up for what they believe. That is what democracy looks like after all. That space democracy needs to exchange ideas is shrinking but the counter-culture is growing and finding new ways to come through.

DE_KentuckyGirl November 05, 2020

Well put.

TommyGnosis DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ November 06, 2020


Miss Chiffs Manager November 05, 2020

Since political bent is largely genetic, to oppose their position is a death threat to them.

TommyGnosis Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ November 06, 2020

It’s dogmatic their beliefs. They’ve heard it a million times in the news.

Chaz November 05, 2020

You should write a book on this.

Leftisim is basically a religion without an actual deity. This is why it’s so easy for them to fight for gay/trans rights and racial justice for minorities, but then easily be unaccepting of a gay black man who disagrees with them in the slightest.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ November 06, 2020

Jordan Peterson talks about that endlessly. It is dogmatic to them. Bad things happen when you “don’t believe”

abrawmclaren November 05, 2020

This is precious.

Small Town Girl November 10, 2020

Nailed it. Would be interesting to know what percentage of people in this country are actually Leftist. It really cant be that many. But I suppose it always comes down to who has the loudest voice.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ November 10, 2020

We could probably look into what the stats are for covert narcissists and start from there. The silent majority needs to get louder. The leftists went unchallenged for too long. The reason the Dems want to provide free college is so that they can create more leftists. You can replace one with the other and they will just say the same things.

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