NJM 2020, Entry 4 - The Wooing in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 4, 2020, 11:31 a.m.
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So. Election Day/Night is over and what do we have? Lots more counting left. I must confess that after I went to bed last night, filled with a few glasses of bubbles, I left the TV app open on my phone and fell asleep. To my surprise, I woke to Trump’s speech saying that he’d won - and then Savannah Guthrie jumping in over his speech saying that simply wasn’t true! I thought maybe it was a dream. But no. He was truly saying that the democrats had corrupted the election. Ugh, the DRAMA of this thing.

As I type this, the TV app is on (I’m in the office putting out fires this morning and stopped to take a brief break), and the races in the swing states percentages are actually getting tighter! It’s wild. And it’s sad to see that not much has been learned from the events of 2020. I truly can’t believe how many millions of Americans just don’t care about these serious issues.

Do you remember my old neighbor, NORT? He’s my former neighbor attorney friend who tried to help me go after the property where I was mugged and assaulted. Well, he moved away to a lakefront property that’s about 2 hours away from my place but still comes to his downtown office about 2x per month.

It used to be that he would want to get together at his office when he was in town to work on our strategy and paperwork - and there was a lunchtime meeting in there to talk with an investigator. In the end, it became an issue that was not worth fighting. Kind of a long story, but I don’t want to get into it. Plus, the point is moot as it pertains to where I’m going with this.

So, NORT wanted to get together while he was in town this month and it seemed urgent as I’d missed him last month. He wanted to go to coffee, lunch or dinner or whatever…it felt very important - like, he’d had a breakthrough or wanted me to fill out legal documents or pay a fee or something. I had no idea what he wanted, but I thought since he’s a lawyer that I better meet him!

Then, there was a VERY forward request from him via text asking if I’d be able to drive him from downtown to his lake house (2 hours!). Seems his Porsche needs a new clutch RIGHT NOW and even though he has two other cars at the lake, he didn’t have transportation since that was the car he drove to work this time. He offered up his “extra master bedroom” upstairs, he offered for me to stay a few days if I wanted and he’d cook for me. Now. I know he has an amazing place at the lake - we’re FB friends and I’ve seen photos of the place and the gorgeous furniture and his boating adventures and all that. I feel like we’re friends and all, but wow. I didn’t think we were on those types of terms.

Of course I declined, giving him the excuse that I had to go to the office every day to get my work done. I was not on the WFH plan anymore. I told him that I could only meet after work and that I could only meet outside as I’m not comfortable with an indoor dining situation. So we went back and forth - I didn’t really want to meet at a restaurant downtown since all of downtown has been boarded up and who knows what was going to happen on election night. So he suggested that we meet somewhere close to my office since he had to drive this direction.

Fine. I picked a spot. It’s really a place where I tell anyone to meet me when I want to have a business dinner or lunch around here. It’s a quirky Asian sports bar restaurant that has a nice patio and really good food (albeit a weird clientele). I truly felt like this was going to be a business exchange.

Imagine my surprise when he got there last evening and started asking me all kinds of personal questions and I was like, whaaaat’s going on? Why do you want to know all of this random stuff (like, what are my hobbies and personal tastes in music). It felt so much like a date.

Weeeellll, come to find out it WAS a date. He literally came out and told me that he was wooing me! Like, old fashioned courting. He wants to get to know me on a deeper, personal level.

And so. Hm. Here we are. And the thing is, you all know how much I want a boyf. I want someone to hang out with. I want someone to go out of town with. I want my person. And this guy would be perfect. He checks so many boxes.

But y’all. He’s sooooo eccentric! He’s super quirky and that makes him funny, which is awesome, but he’s weird. He’s an odd duck and over the top with his gestures and his words and just…everything about him. I do like him - we’ve actually had quite a few dinners together and attended holiday parties and such. We’ve had several glasses of wine together on the roof of my building, but all of a sudden I’m not sure how I feel about this. I can’t really imagine kissing him let alone sleeping with him. And yet, last year he was posting photos from a super fun-looking vacation and I could tell he was with a woman and I felt a little like…what? Jealous??

I don’t know - I don’t know!

So. After dinner and a couple of drinks I told him I needed to get going because I had an election watch zoom party to attend and all of my college girls were texting like crazy and I was surprised and distracted. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

This morning he sent me a cute text:

“Good morning, Ginger. Aggressive wooing to continue. To opt out, reply STOP.”

Cute,huh? But ugh, the guy is soooooo oddly unusual.

Better roll. Lots more fires to put out and I feel the need to take a stress-relieving walk.

Til tomorrow,

Complicated Disaster November 04, 2020

Soooooooooooooooooooo....... did you reply STOP? xx

girl in recession November 04, 2020

hahahahah oh that is SUPER cute. Id be wooed in a minute. But, I am eccentric myself and I like eccentric types :)

SeaShoreClams November 04, 2020

That was a really cute text.

Elaine Benes November 04, 2020

Well now, this is an interesting development!!

WhatDreamsMayCome November 04, 2020

I'm betting the quirkiness would be one of the things that gets old very quickly. (Probably before any coming to terms with getting a really good kiss!)
Pardon me... My cynicism is showing. ;-)

Ginger Snap WhatDreamsMayCome ⋅ November 04, 2020

Yeah, the quirk is STRONG with this one.

bobbi01 November 04, 2020

At least you know where you stand with him!

pandora November 04, 2020

Wow. I’m so curious about this development!

plushcreep November 04, 2020

I dunno. Depends on how into quirkiness you are, I suppose!

Soliloquy November 04, 2020 (edited November 04, 2020)


Hmmm...I’m not really a fan of the date ambush. If he wanted to woo you so badly, he should have been as forward as he’s being right now. The “bait and switch and then go hard” approach is raising all kinds of red flags for me.

ETA: also, what if you HAD said you could drive him to his lake house, thinking it was a friendly kind of thing? Would he have then trapped you into a romantic situation while you were there? That’s all kinds of yikes and a BIG no from me, dawg.

Ginger Snap Soliloquy ⋅ November 06, 2020

You're right. It WAS a date ambush. And yes, that would have freaked me out if I was trying to be a friend and helped him out and he'd gotten all woo-woo on me then!

Fred November 05, 2020

Hm. I see quirky as a good sign. Also dare I say, I think you need to start dating outside of your usual “type” and see where it goes.

Ginger Snap Fred ⋅ November 06, 2020

Thing is, I don't really have a "type" and have been trying pretty much everything out for years. It's gotten me not really anywhere. But maybe I'm supposed to be here.

Marg November 06, 2020

I’m not too keen on the fact you were unaware that it was a date until you got there kind of thing - it was like he’d made that plan without involving you! But you sound enamoured with his quirkiness so let’s see where this goes :)

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ November 06, 2020

I AGREE! I didn't know it was a date, and that made it weird! As of right now it's going nowhere.

Jinn November 08, 2020

I think I would want to see where it was going. What harm can it do ?

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