"Election" Night in Current Events

  • Nov. 4, 2020, 12:10 a.m.
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We are not getting the election results tonight. We’re just not. It’s going to be a tight race. If Biden wins it will be very narrow. Republicans have picked up more seats in the house, Republicans have the Senate, they have the Supreme Court. A Biden presidency is that less terrifying. The filibuster isn’t going anywhere, packing the court isn’t going to happen. Also, Biden will not have control of the tie. It’s 2020, why not a tie? What Biden does have is a dying culture and a dying media. The only content established media has right now is anti-Trump. Of course, we will have to wait for days to get results. We know that’s when the Democrats make their move to steal it. They do not respect the will of the people. That’s what we are nervous about. Trump got record minority votes for the republicans thus far. However, he lost a big chunk of white voters. Clearly, minorities do not see themselves as needing to be saved by white people. That can change the political landscape for decades. The Democrats might have to compete on an intellectual level in the future. The Young Turks are saying that some POC’s just hate themselves. Racist much? AOC is talking like she has been seeing her Latino community give up for a while now. Sorry, but you can’t win them over with a communist manifesto.

The Daily Wire got me excited. They’re ready to go all-in and compete with culture. Everybody on the right in digital media outperforms legacy media and they’re working together to promote conservatism. The Rubin Report, Matt Walsh, Steve Cowder, the Blaze are all going to be supporting each other. The Daily Wire is adding new shows, they paired up with PragerU, they hired 12 investigative journalists because they are ready to compete with the hack journalists and my favourite announcement of the night is that Candace Owens is joining the Daily Wire to have her own show with a live audience. She is the one who is the most politically famous. Famous enough to be getting into it with Hollywood. Her taking down of Cardi B was iconic. Candace is going to front the culture war. Meghan Kelly changed the term mainstream media to legacy media because digital media is the future and conservatives are mainstream there. Conservatives couldn’t even have AM radio and now it looks like the Daily Wire is trying to grow into a streaming service with proper content. A good point made about the problem with the culture war is that a lot of young Americans, who were indoctrinated to believe that communism is some new breakthrough idea, have not had the chance to live the American dream.

I’m changing my tune, I think Biden will steal it successfully. His statement tonight said it all. He is going to drag this out. His statement was about waiting, not a victory. Biden has big tech who just censored Trump’s tweets and Biden also has legacy media and the swamp (who is suppressing declassified information) and so he has everyone protecting the narrative. Orange man bad, voting fraud isn’t real, Biden is not colluding with China. If Trump has a wild card to stop the Dems from stealing the election then he needs to play it. Anyway, either way, the silent majority will be looking for better media and that is where the digital media comes in and the Daily Wire is ready to give us the real journalism that we deserve. Conservatives will fight to win the culture war and maybe the US will elect a republican as good as Trump in 2024. Who will put America first. Mind you, the Dems will give Americans that free college so they can create more leftists. Do we need more cringe, fringe freaks ruining everything? They ruined LGBT acceptance, feminism and brought racism and sexism back and called it all social justice. I can’t stand leftists. Blah, whatever. Not my circus, not my monkeys. I have my Prime Sinister to worry about. I feel a little better about the strong republican presence in the house, senate and supreme court. Trump will be omnipotent if he does win lol.

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