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  • Nov. 3, 2020, 7:19 a.m.
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The media cried that America will need ventilators. Trump delivers and made enough to give other countries in need. The media cried that America will need more hospital beds. Trump floats hospital ships up the seaway with beds. The media cried that America will need PPE. Trump gets construction-grade PPE mass-produced. The media cried that America will need a vaccine and that it will take years. Trump is producing one at warp speed. The media cried that a vaccine won’t help and we need a green reset of the world economy. Trump goes and contracts the virus and shows the world that an overweight 74-year-old can easily beat the virus. Then the media cried that we still need to stay afraid! Trump says that we can’t let fear rule our lives. We are tired of the lies and the fear-mongering. At the polls, I pray that Americans will stand by him as he stood by them while the rest of the world leaders attacked their own. He fought for his people, not with his people. Our leaders locked us in our homes, kept our families separated, forced us to live in fear, fear and more fear as they stripped us all of our civil liberties. No speech, no church, no wealth and no privacy. Governments don’t give it back and so Trump never took it. That was the first decision he made when this pandemic hit. To not consolidate his power. He is our only beacon of hope right now. If I could, I would immigrate to America to fight for that man even though he did nothing for me. I want to be able to look back at this critical point in history and be able to say that I stood for the only man that stood for freedom. The world is against him, the media is against him, half of his own country is against him and he still keeps fighting for his country and his people. Fresh out of infection and he rallies 5 times a day.

Canada needs a Trump. I get a little jealous sometimes. My leader is turning Canada into a godless, transhumanist, Orwellian nightmare. The liberal media has the right politics in charge so they don’t let Trudeau look bad. Through all his ethics violations, his scandals, his blackface and his sexual harassment claims Trudeau is made to look like a poster boy. Imagine if everything the mainstream media said about Trump was true, that is Justin Trudeau only the media loves him. Trump gave a speech at Mt. Rushmore about how important it is to keep America’s history, values and identity. To keep America proud. My leader bent the knee to BLM, called Canadians racist and just recently said that Canada has no core identity. Yes, we are multicultural and multiracial but we share common values. As his shero, Greta Thunberg once said, “How dare you! You cock juggling thundercunt how dare you!” Trudeau leaves Canadians behind to pursue his activism and calls anyone who does not agree with him an alt-right radical extremist. He just defended the Islamist terrorists that beheaded innocent people in France! Freedom of expression has its limits… right, it was a cartoon and Radical Islamists are the real victims here. Twitter lets radical Islamist Canadians call the victims in France vile human beings. Allows them to say things like saying Merry Christmas is worse than murder and Twitter allows them to incite violence as they pray for the deaths of non-believers. Make it make sense.

To be fair, the leader of my country is not in charge of our lockdowns. I have to give him that. He is only in charge of the border and the state of emergency. However, he does not share that power alone. All of parliament has to agree on a state of emergency. We need only 20 MPs to force parliament to reconvene and reconsider. We can e-mail our conservative MPs and tell them to stop being submissive, obedient and invisible! To read the Emergency Measures Act and advocate for our freedoms. To help end this dictatorship from unelected health officials. Ontario’s health official, Dr. Taffi said that the PCR tests are not the solution. Click Here if you want to check it out. We think that these tests will solve the problem but they’re only a component. She bluntly said that half of the positive tests can be false. The results do not tell you if you are sick. She is non-partisan and she knows that the PCR is not designed to diagnose. She explained that we are doing mass testing in areas that did not have much COVID and that is just complicating the picture. Regular influenza seems to have disappeared, could it be that we’re diagnosing everything as COVID? Ontario’s COVID data shows that only 45 people in the entire province, right now, are on ventilators. Ontario has over 2000 ventilators. When I look at the graphs without having the news screaming at me to hide my kids, hide my wife everybody gettin’ COVID up in here it doesn’t look intimidating. We know that a lot of the positive test results are false. We know that almost everybody recovers and this just doesn’t look unmanageable to me.

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The CDC in America updated their site a few months ago to show the causes of reported COVID deaths. My government sites do not provide that. It is important information to know. What exactly is a COVID death? Did we measure the viral loads from those tests to determine if they were false positives? The New York Times reported that a study showed that up to 90% of positive tests were discovered to have dead, inactive or clinically insignificant viral loads Again, the PCR is not designed to give a diagnosis. The CDC site showed that only 6% of reported COVID deaths were directly from COVID. Underlying conditions played a huge role in the rest of the COVID deaths in America. Of course, we’re not even talking about how they were inflating those numbers. How people are/were getting diagnosed without a test and just from displaying symptoms. The masks create moisture, the moisture grows bacteria and then people are susceptible to strep throat. That complicates the picture even more. So the status of cases in all of Ontario today shows a death count of 3,152. Did they die from COVID or just with COVID?
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My first red pill moment was when I read a headline that said There is no diet that can protect you from COVID-19. I was like, split my @!$# and Call me Caitlyn that makes no sense. 80% of Americans live with chronic diseases associated with poor lifestyle choices. This year in America 700 00 people will die from heart disease, 600 000 from cancer and 300 000 from obesity. The threat was not COVID it was the underlying conditions. Trump was the only leader to say that. The leading causes of those conditions are diets and lifestyle. I went to provide proof about being able to prevent those conditions and I’ll be damned. Dr. Linda Bacon convinced Google that obesity is healthy. I did not bother digging to the bottom of the barrel on Google to prove common sense after I was called a conspiracy theorist for saying that. Trump brought up hydroxychloroquine, a medication that had some success during the last sars outbreak. That was a writeoff for no reason by the media. T-cell Memory is another one that is getting written off. Antibodies are not the only player in the game, 20-50% of us have memory t-cells and in six studies it showed that up to 50% of us have t-cells with a memory from previous influenza infections that can fight COVID-19. They don’t need to produce antibodies. That’s a built-in herded immunity right there. Doctors discussing that get de-platformed and censored. We went from a two-week self-quarantine to slow the curve to naively believing that a government could stop a spread. Now here we are waiting for a vaccine. No wait, it’s about the great global reset now. Ok, some countries did not lockdown. Belgium did the herded immunity and their death rate is the lowest. Lebanon did not lockdown or issue a mask mandate. Israel did and their numbers are practically identical. We flattened the curve, we know to take vitamin D and zinc, we know how to treat it in hospitals. COVID is over. It should have been over the moment the CDC updated their site and showed that only 6% were dying directly from COVID-19. If polyester and social distancing was a mandate about health we would be mandating healthy living so we don’t have 80% of a population vulnerable to a novelty influenza virus with a .04% mortality rate.

I’m just tired. Literally, right now I’m just sleepy. My province went into a code red yesterday. We’re desensitized to it. We’re perfectly groomed for communist law. Come at us CCP we are unarmed and spineless. We have a curfew coming. The retail jobs I applied for will not be hiring now. I was supposed to be working toward my goal of becoming a holistic nutritionist/wellness coach but this damn COVID response ruined everything. I just get so angry sometimes. I was called a COVID denier again yesterday. I don’t deny the existence of COVID, I deny the reason for these responses. No government has ever returned the power back to its people. Canada and the US, our leaders did not pull a New Zealand and give themselves omnipotent power over the lives of their people so we still have hope. Of course, if Biden wins he already said that he will make the power grab that Trump didn’t. I assume Trudeau will follow or will at least try. His opposition party has been tenacious. Ok, I’m done ranting. Blah, I’m confident but still nervous about the US election. If Trump loses, that will suck. If he wins, the Democrats will spend the next four years trying to destigmatize the results. It will be another four years of the Democrats going crazy and taking us all with them. Literally, those DNC freaks are insane. Let’s get four more years and then four more Trumps. Trump has not started any wars yet but these peace deals… I think that he’s building that suicide squad to take down China. The US military is in India, Taiwan, Australia and this year the US is doing their drills with Japan’s new Prime Minister who is all in.

KissOfLife! November 03, 2020

Woohoo, let's invade China! We can call it Canania!
I feel like there's still a LOT of Trump support out there. I too will be stunned if Everything-Is-Bigger-In-Texas goes blue lol.

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ November 03, 2020

It would be theft if Texas went blue. Texans are not happy that people are fleeing California for Texas because they don't want them to turn Texas into a blue state. There is a lot of Trump supporters, they are literally persecuted so they are silent. The fringe cringe freaks on the left shrunk the DNC support. You don't hear of people who voted Trump in 2016 that are voting Biden in 2020. You only hear of the opposite. 47 years in office and Biden's only platform is "orange man bad". The media hates Trump but he's done more for Americans than any modern president.

Seasons November 03, 2020

Trump supporter here in Florida. Everyone I know personally here is also a Trump supporter but we are part of the silent majority. We’ve been mocked, threatened and marginalized because of our beliefs and love for our country long enough. We’re waiting for the red wave...and it’s coming, make no mistake about it. Thank you for this entry. I think I needed to read this today of all days. God bless our President and our country.

TommyGnosis Seasons ⋅ November 03, 2020

Florida is one of the key states to keep an eye on. I can't watch the election, I'll stress out too much. I too get heat for openly supporting Trump up here. Fingers crossed!

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