NoJoMo2020 #3 - Pet Peeves in Surveys

  • Nov. 2, 2020, 6:57 p.m.
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What are your top five (5) pet peeves?

1 - Number #1 is those “charity” workers with their in-your-face tactics that hang around outside shopping centres and high-traffic areas where people are just trying to get past. I think they are absolute vermin and should be banned.

2 - Bitches. People who are rude for absolutely no fucking reason. Inconsiderate cunts. I could name a few people lol.

3 - Religion. Evangelists especially. I know it’s a savior to many people, but certainly not me. I hate what it did to people like me and how horrible it made me feel. And for what? A figure in the sky?

4 - Far-right-wing supporters. Whilst I certainly lean toward the left, I fail to understand hatred because someone disagrees. I do not and will not ever understand the open support of hatred. Unless it’s toward a “charity worker”, or an evangelist :P

5 - Violence. Usually brought on by the 4 points above.

Last updated November 02, 2020

wintergrey November 03, 2020

We call them "chuggers", because they are trying to mug you in the name of charity...

s.q.u.e.a.k November 03, 2020

Uuuuughh same with the charity thing. Even the ones who just try to suck you in for Foxtel or other services like that

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