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  • Nov. 2, 2020, 9:29 p.m.
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I am both confident and nervous about tomorrow’s US Presidential Election. I am confident that Trump will have a victory but I am nervous because the Democrats will try and delegitimize the results. They have no respect for the will of the people. The mistake they made was scaring their constituents from voting in person. They did not get that lead from early voting or from mail-in voting. Tens of thousands were rejected because they were not filled out correctly. I’m not even going to talk about how they rigged it and had been caught ballot harvesting. Like, you need an ID to attend the DNC convention but not to vote… !? The Democrats also know that the polling structures failed them in 2016 and after tomorrow that industry is as good as dead. Zoomers and millennials do not participate in those polls. They’re also aware that the majority of zoomers and millennials do not watch the news. Their political opinions are not built on rhetoric. They think too critically and freely and that is a huge problem for the Democrats. They also know that liberals and centrists are both fleeing the democrat party also. The dems are also well aware that conservatives dominate the internet and that is why they want to regulate big tech. Conservatives couldn’t even have AM radio. They have to protect the public from radicalized ideas about being able to do things without the help of the government. Conservatism is the counter-culture, we are tired of fake news and their fear-mongering. The Democrats showed their teeth this year. They’re pure evil. I’m not looking forward to the emotional rollercoaster that the democrats are going to put us all through in the next four years. We are tired of their cluster-fucks and fake rhetoric. Just respect the will of the people and let Trump make America great again by creating as much distance from democrat policies as possible.

Trump signed an executive order that will make it easier to fire poor-performing officials. He’s immediately going after the directors that are suppressing declassified information. They are holding that information to protect their preferred outcome of the election. That is corruption, if Trump is going to drain the swamp he needs to do it fast. Depose Nancy Pelosi, give her constituents their stimulus and relief that they deserve and then get Willaim Barr to start handing out those indictments. For the love of God, William Bar, arrest somebody! Lock up Hillary, Obama and Biden. Without having to worry about headlines and votes Trump can get to work restoring law & order. He can get to work reversing this ideological subversion. Leftists ruined LGBT acceptance, they ruined feminism and they brought racism back. Starve that cancer out of all western civilization. Do not give those pathological narcissists their supply. We need to win the culture war.

Win or no win, the silent majority needs to stop being silent… no more safe spaces, no more censorship, no more labelling disagreements as hate speech and fascism, no more using government to force people to go against their religious principals, no more full-term abortions, no more idolizing criminals, no more indoctrinating children with radicalized gender ideologies and critical race theory, no more white male patriarchy, no more fake news, no more fear-mongering, no more disguising racism, sexism and misogyny as social justice. This Marxist agenda to destroy the nuclear family is done. We reverse this ideological subversion and we teach kids to think critically, love their country, respect their leader, their civil servants and their military. We teach them to be individuals. Then we take down China and end the CCP’s influence on the deep state that is in every western country. China is the real enemy and threat. Not this made-up patriarchy… I got carried away here.

Trump is not perfect, he is flawed as fuck which has made him so personable to the youth. He is not a career politician. He exposed the news for what it is, fake. He exposed the DNC for what they are, evil communists. He exposed the RNC for what they are, swampy. Obama made the mistake of leaving too many vacancies in congress. Trump filled congress and the Supreme Court with patriots and constitutionalists. He made fiscal conservatism cool again and that enthusiasm can be seen from conservative parties is all over western society. My province has a conservative premiere for the first time in decades and the culture shock that the liberals are experiencing is delicious. Trump had the opportunity to make the biggest power grab in history and he didn’t. I don’t think his vaccine will be mandatory, he talks about therapeutics and treatments and if those are available a vaccine cannot be mandated. That is perfect! I am excited for America if Trump wins. I’m nervous about the backlash. The Soros funded activists will tear down cities again. This time Trump doesn’t have to play nice with domestic terrorists. That insurrection will be over quick. Nobody is expected to care about their fee-fee’s.

If the Democrats win… well, the real conservatives will respect the will of the people. I doubt there will be riots. However, conservatives do not owe the chronically offended liberals a peaceful transition of power. The DNC’s radicalized agenda will be hard to push. America’s constitution is not designed to let the AOC’s of the world replace their democracy with communism. Man, tomorrow is so important. Not just for America, the whole world. Can’t we just skip to 2022 where we are ditching the UN and their globalist agenda? Where our nations are working together as under the 5 allies? Personally, I would like to see CANZUK happen but we would have to get the megalomaniac liberal leaders out of office. Blah, I’m going to go walk this off.

Silver Satan November 02, 2020

<h1>We'll have to see, even my crippled ass is going to vote tomorrow, one can dream.</h1>
TommyGnosis Silver Satan ⋅ November 03, 2020

Bless! I wish I could go down there and vote. I'm sure the Dems made it possible for an illegal alien to do so lol

Miss Chiffs Manager November 02, 2020

I also think Trump will win.
I'm also afraid of the aftermath. WE are pretty well prepared to batten down if we have to. After the last year, I doubt many others are, though.

TommyGnosis Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ November 03, 2020

I'm nervous about that too. I hope they can restore law & order quickly.

KissOfLife! November 03, 2020

The betting sites here have Biden at $1.50 to win and Trump at $2.75, which surprised me cos I too think Trump will win it (Let's wait and see!)
Then again they had Trump at like 100:1 last election LOL.

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ November 03, 2020

All signs pointed to Hillary last election. The polling industry will be officially dead after today. The dems are going to try and steal the election. It's going to be a rollercoaster ride, a bad one.

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