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  • Oct. 31, 2020, 9:42 a.m.
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I’m not going to write long. I’m in bed and just want to sleep to forget today. I just watched the Queensland election result and it’s a returned Labor government for the next 4 years. That will mean our current premier will have been in office for 10 years by the end of this new longer term (4 years instead of 3 now.). I suppose it’s good that I won’t have to vote as often, but man, it seems like a long time to be stuck with a government.
Anyway, I’m quite happy with the result. People obviously love her and keeping us safe from CoVid. I dunno, I kinda thought this would be how it played out. My seat is still a three-horae race which is exciting, but should remain Labor. It’s huge that Greens won South Brisbane (at the moment anyway) from a prominent Labor candidate (Jackie Trad). The Greens candidate there did seem quite quirky. There’s a surprising third seat (Cooper) which is sort of inner-city west that is also getting a strong greens swing but I doubt that, nor mine will win it. Anyway, you’re probably all off in Snoozeland. Politics, blah, who cares.

I had a fucker of a day at work. I’d literally been there like 10 minutes when I was palmed off to a customer from the service desk. A big Italian guy was yelling at me, pissed off that we didn’t stock his coffee machine or pods. “You’re really starting to piss me off!” he was yelling. I actually thought he may take a swing at me. Wtf? Calm the fuck down. Anyway, he was one of those hopeless cases that didn’t understand that not all stores are the same and decided to storm off when I told him we only have 6 aisles and not 13 like other stores do 🙄 and he seemed to clue on to that after a while and told me he was going to IGA instead.
Good, I thought, we don’t want you here.

But man, my incident was the start of quite a few today. I found out the sushi chef got assaulted and shoved up against a wall, and the police had to be called in for that one. I must have been downstairs when that one happened but I certainly witnessed another incident. A lady claimed that our girl who cleans our trolleys (as part of Covid-safe practices) - and who is a lovely girl - had HIT her child. There was a full-on argument happening with the poor duty-manager at the service desk (cos none of our actual managers are in on Saturdays) and upon reviewing the CCTV footage, all that happened was her daughter handed the cleaning girl her shopping basket.
So this vile bitch made the entire fucking story up, and clearly upset the cleaner in the process.
I was still reeling from my incident earlier, having this big, burly Italian guy in my face.

What the FUCK us wrong with people? Seriously. Ergh!
Anyway, apparently that bitch with the kid was filming the staff and posting to social media so the duty manager had to give the area manager a head’s up.
Fucking crack-addicts man

I think there was something in the sir today. We were predicted to get the worst storm in 5 years hit. It was a hot day so I knew it was coming. And it did around 2pm. But in my part of the city, it was mostly a fizzer. I heard one crack of thunder and it rained and slightly hailed a little bit.
I was just glad to get home 🏡

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DE_mkately October 31, 2020

Apparently Americans haven't cornered the market on rude, entitled behavior just yet!

Perpetually Plump October 31, 2020

Wow! It sounds like quite the day! I'm such a jerk that when somebody else at me, I'm like why are you yelling at me? I didn't do this. I just work here. But that's also like when I call somewhere and I'm upset, and I tell the person I'm talking to that I know it's not their fault, and I'm really sorry that they are the one that has to deal with me being upset, but I'm not mad at them. Lol. They probably think I'm nuts.
I feel so bad for the cleaner lady! That had to be super scary that she was accused of hitting a kid. Thank goodness the video cameras showed that the other lady was full of it. This is also one of the problems with social media. You know that lady posted on the internet that the employee at your store hit her child, and now people are going to go crazy and spread that false rumor with zero proof. Because that seems to be the way of the internet is guilty just because somebody said so. Ugh.

cazoob October 31, 2020

Oh my god customers are so fucked. And they've become so much worse during covid. It's bad enough in my industry, I can only begin to imagine what it's like for you! But I do always find it hilarious when they threaten to go elsewhere, like cool mate, off you go.

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