Silently Ostracized in Poetry

  • Oct. 30, 2020, 4:12 a.m.
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The scenery is set
In black and white
I see no colors
In day or night
Everything stays the same
I don’t care
What comes my way

I was born
Into the devil’s hands
Using nature
As my consequence and sin
I never noticed
The way my heart
Swayed with the wind
I never noticed
How the rain
Bleed the words
I refused to say

I see people all around
Worried that love
Will never come
Worried about war
And the death it takes
Worried about money
And the greed it consumes
Devouring souls away

And I say
Why are you so worried
About these little petty things
We all struggle
In our own way
Just erase them
From your mind
And enjoy life
Just for one day

When you’re
Immortal and beautiful
Nothing really matters
Cause you don’t have
Just one life
To make everything right
And yet
I wonder why
The pressure upon oneself
Is so great
When the choir
Of the moon and stars
Assures rest to you
This night

The melody is a curse
That will paralyze your soul
The words are enchanting
To your ears
And it provided you
With enough tears
To hope
For another day
That you don’t have to kill yourself
And say goodbye
To those that love you
And stab you in the eyes

I see the silhouette of a man
My first thought is
Am I dead
Is it the alcohol
Flowing through my veins
Paralyzing my brain
Falsifying everything I see
When nothing goes my way
I turn around
Everything stays the same
Is this real
A fantasy playing inside my mind
I wish the viewer
Would speak a little louder
So I hear their wisdom
And find a way out of here

I was born
Into the devil’s hands
Nothing really matters
Can’t you see
I’m trapped by fate
There is no escape
I have to face the truth
And it’s defined
By words
No one can speak
I really don’t care
I don’t see
The life you speak
I don’t want to partake
In your misery

I can feel
The wind
Provide peace
Directly to my heart
And I can finally see
That I’ll never understand
The life you see
Nothing really matters to me

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