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  • Oct. 16, 2020, 2:53 p.m.
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My Prime Sinister has a deep disdain for democracy and it is startling. The direction Trudeau is taking Canada terrifies me. For starters, he openly praises China’s dictatorship. Not China, their dictatorship because it allowed China to accomplish so much to fight climate change. The Globe & Mail is literally printing Chinese propaganda from an actual propaganda company in China about their success with climate change. At the beginning of the COVID crisis, Trudeau tried to use the Canadian Forces for propaganda. They were tasked with tracking his opposition and to control the narrative about COVID. The top general recognized this as a propaganda effort and so Trudeau was shutdown. Trudeau has a digital citizen initiative coming which is Orwellian as fuck. He wants to dictate what information we look at, what information we talk about and he wants to dictate how we interact with each other. He wants to be the arbiter of truth. He’s also trying to make it so that you need a license to create content for the internet and to be a journalist. We have the right to look at the information on our own and discern for ourselves where we want to land on issues. We also have the right to free speech. It is a dictator move and so it is clear that Trudeau is afraid of us and does not want us to think freely. Libtards eat that shit up. He’s lashing out because he did not get a majority government. Trudeau wants to consolidate control over the narrative. Social media is a problem for the left because that is where the majority of people get their information. So far Trudeau labels anything outside his narrative as conspiracy and has labelled anyone who disagrees with him an alt-right extremist radical.

His first big scandal was when he got caught accepting gifts from government lobbyists. His second big scandal is when he got caught demoting a minister for ignoring his request to go easy on his friends who were caught bribing businesses in Lebanon, I think it was Lebanon. So he created a bill that would give companies immunity for the actions of their employees. His third big scandal was when he was caught laundering money from a charity, WE charity. The day before he was to submit documents to the Ethics Committee he prorogued parliament to give himself a clean slate. By the way, when he first shutdown parliament it was to give all ministers time to handle COVID with their constituents. During that pause, he tried to pass a bill when no one was looking. The bill was to give himself consolidated control over spending decisions and it had no accountability built into it. The conservative party caught it and stopped it. Anyway, the Finance Committee demanded to see those documents while parliament was prorogued and Trudeau submitted them blacked out. He continues to say he has nothing to hide and that there is no conflict of interest but his actions say otherwise. Parliament is now open and the Conservative Party will not let the blacked-out documents go. They are trying to create an Anti-Corruption Committee that will allow an investigation to go on without interrupting anyone else’s work during this pandemic. The Liberal Party, that has nothing to hide filibustered for 9 hours with the Ethics Committee and 6 hours with the Finance Committee to stop votes toward the investigation. This is why Trudeau is also trying to end parliamentary debates. He wants control, not democracy. Here is a sassy clip of my boy Pierre showing us that Trudeau is not hiding anything.

His spending is a problem. Each Canadian has inherited an extra 10k in debt. That’s 50k per household if you’re a family of five. Our grandkids will be paying this deficit off and Trudeau will not stop spending. After World War 2 Canadians worked off our debt in one year. That’s what we need to do right now. We need to end these lockdowns and restrictions and get to work because our dollar is going to collapse because Trudeau is out of control with his spending. A famine is going to follow this pandemic, we know that right? The Bank of Canada increased its money printing by 456%, Trudeau has been using the Bank of Canada as an ATM. There hasn’t been much conversation about it but on the surface, it looks like Trudeau is trying to auto-inflate our economy which is exactly what collapsed Venezuela’s dollar. This is why socialism does not work, you always run out of other people’s money. He’s not keeping receipts and we don’t even know where all his money is going. The debt-to-GDP ratio was 66.6% in the mid-90s and the Wall Street Journal wrote an article at that time welcoming Canada as an honorary member to the third world and with the trajectory we are on we are going to go well beyond that. Of course, the media is liberal and he is liberal so Canadians are blissfully unaware and feel protected by their sugar daddy and are perfectly distracted by Conservative spending. (Conservatives are privatizing and not pouring enough into social programs and the libtards are unhinged. They don’t like owning things apparently.)

After Trudeau reset parliament he gave a thrown speech. It was just regurgitated Liberal promises, a few new buzzwords for the sheeple and it had zero leadership in it whatsoever. Compared to Trump’s speeches at that time I was jealous of America. Trump is at least a man that has a clear direction. The point of resetting the government was to come back with a plan. He came back as a full-send climate activist. His Agenda 21 plan leaves so many Canadians behind. This is why there is a Wexit movement. Alberta is Canada’s Texas and they want to process their oil and gas and their economy is suffering because of Trudeau. Our agriculture is our hidden superpower and he is leaving them behind also. Socialism is the answer to fighting the weather. America do not let AOC’s Green New Deal take over your lives. Trudeau is making the use of carbon too expensive. He’s adding a second carbon tax on top of the one we already have which will increase our heating bill by 60%… prices everywhere for everything will go up also. This is why I stopped saying Prime Minister and started saying Prime Sinister because Canadians need heating to stay alive in Canada. I’m a month away from -40c in Winnipeg.

Trudeau’s build back better plan is not at all about a united Canada. He has been trying to be as divisive as possible because he obviously wants to destabilize the country so that we will beg for a big government to save us. He took the knee to the BLM which was a national embarrassment and then he called Canadians racist. That didn’t work. He lied about ANTIFA when a statue was torn down in Montreal. He said it was an alt-right extremist group. That didn’t work. What is working to stimulate insurrection movements is the use of indigenous Canadians. Conservatives are trying to get transparency with Indian Reservations so there is an uprise against that. There are protests against pipelines and all that good stuff. In Nova Scotia, we have a brawl between the indigenous and “white man” as the propaganda articles like to put it. Natives have separate laws and so they are using illegal nets to catch illegal fish during an illegal season and commercial fishers removed those nets because they want to have fish to hunt next season. The native law is vague enough to let the natives take advantage of the illegal season to let them legally fish at a commercial level. Anyway, Trudeau has made it clear that if you’re not with him you’re against him because he has the moral high ground as a climate activist so if you don’t agree with his agenda then you are not a moral Canadian. You are an extremist. Standard liberal logic.

Currently, he is trying to establish a political narrative about how great his response to COVID was to distract us from his WE scandal, the money-laundering. However, the pesky Conservatives reminded parliament about how great that response wasn’t:
-He told Canadians that there was no person-to-person spread of COVID-19;
-He told Canadians that border control measures and masks didn’t work;
-He sent critical supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) to China when [Canada] had a shortage;
-He abdicated responsibility for the pandemic to the provinces;
-He failed and is failing to ensure Canadians have access to rapid and at-home testing options;
-He shut down the federal pandemic early warning system, just months before COVID-19.

An honourable mention could be that he agreed with leftists that closing the borders was xenophobic and racist… Anyway, the Shadow Minister of Health just recently reminded parliament that Trudeau is not exploring any data collected by any other country than China. All his talking points are from China. Also, the liberal party will not tell us who the isolation camps are for yet. Yes, Trudeau is building 9 isolation camps across Canada, from coast to coast and he is not being clear about who those are for. He is currently shopping around for a third-party to run those camps. So far, UN troops have been spotted across the country. Mostly in mini-Melbourne, Quebec City. He has placed an order for 36k tons of rioting agents. British tanks have been spotted being transported in Alberta. Trudeau has something big in store and it requires UN troops, British troops, the Canadian Forces and concentration camps. In the middle of this pandemic, he is pouring in 30 million immigrants. That’s an investment for the next election as he lost the popular vote. However, those are 30 million immigrants that have not paid into our healthcare which is permanently congested. We already have the highest unemployment in the G7 which is only getting worse. An economy that is only getting worse and he is adding 30 million more people that we can’t take care of. This is a dumb move.

The only beacon of hope, barely, is the new leader of the Conservative party. Erin O’Toole. Trump made fiscal conservatism and nationalism cool again. Suspiciously Trudeau’s two biggest opponents contracted COVID right before parliament opened. I was counting on a vote of non-confidence but Trudeau secured a deal with the NDP, which is just more socialism. No need for that reelection after all. Thanks a lot, Jagmeet Singh. When O’Toole finally got to address the country he gave a great speech in parliament. He called Trudeau out on all of his bullshit. He denounced China and he denounced China’s dictatorship and he denounced sending jobs to China’s concentration camps and he denounced Trudeau selling out Canadian values to communist China. The conservative party is deliciously eviscerating Trudeau in the house of commons. Pierre Poilievre has so much finesse when he does it. Like, the level of sass I can’t get enough of. Rachael Harder created a YouTube channel because we can’t count on the mainstream media to explain what Trudeau is actually doing. She’s tearing right through his doublespeak and letting Canadians know that he is does not respect our democracy and our freedom. She even gave us the e-mail to his office so we can hound him with complaints. Libtards can’t stand it, can’t stand hearing anything negative about the left. Liberal tears are delicious. They worship Trudeau and they love those fake narratives that he gives them. People hate Trump for empty accusations about sexism and racism while simultaneously worshipping a man who has done black face and who has admitted to his sexual harassment allegations.

Anyway, someone asked me to talk about Canada and give America a break. I only started consuming politics this June because of a lack of things to do in quarantine. I was barely even politically literate. Everything is so polarized and what I get labelled as is a conspiracy theorist. Then they try and intimidate me into silence by attacking me, my character and my morality. Rarely do I get a political argument in return. I gave up but I still just use Facebook for politics but I don’t get any interaction really. My reach isn’t far enough and I could fix that if I really wanted to do but… anyway, so here’s one of my favourite Pierre vs Trudeau moments. So much finesse. His personal mission is to hold Trudeau accountable which never seems to go anywhere. Trudeau responds with the usual I’m trying to protect Canadians while ignoring the fact that he is leaving millions behind with no recourse.

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Evelyn October 16, 2020

This Pierre guy sounds wonderful!! I was not aware of Trudeau being so heinous! Holy crap! I noticed the "build back better" is the slogan Joe Biden used. It's crazy how Joe Biden(and his son) and Trudeau are tied up to China. Sounds as if they're all part of the same swamp all around the world. "Isolation" camps? That's sounds seriously terrifying especially when military is involved... Hmmm, reminds me of someone...

This is exactly where America is headed with Biden and that's scary. Keep warm during this Winter. hugs

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ October 16, 2020

It is clear that China is pulling the strings on the left. The left is using standard subversion tactics to grow communism/socialism. If you watch Yuri Bezmenov's lecture, 2020 will make 100% sense. 2020 is nothing short of what he says. This lecture is that moment right after the red pill when you see just how far down the rabbit hole goes. He even explains how to stop it and reverse it and that is 100% what the Trump administration just started doing with school choice and the 1776 Act. That is why this election is so vital. If Trump wins, he can reverse the process and stop it from happening again.

Here is a "comedian" explaining exactly how China is taking over the world. China is not our friend. They're way ahead of schedule on their 100-year plan to take over the world. They just need a global crisis... anyway, Trump's peace deals are telling me that... he's forming a suicide squad of villains to stand up to China. I don't want to sound too conspiracy theorist but we're all being conditioned for Communist law like... RIGHT NOW. US troops are at the Indian border, in Australia and China just denounced US battleships that were parked between China and Taiwan. It is coming and it looks like China needs the left in power to make the transition. Australia had an election, the US had an election, Canada ALMOST had a reelection but Trudeau struck a deal and the conservative party are in his way.

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ October 16, 2020

The second link was to the wrong thing here is the right one

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