How to be Zen? in These Foolish Things

  • Oct. 16, 2020, 6:47 p.m.
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How to be zen about all of this???

  • One of my items (from The Line I Created) was photographed in a retail store by a random person and was posted on FB and it has gone viral. This item has now been reposted on FB 76K times and there are over 60K comments (all amazing!) about my product. Remember, this is my baby. This is the project I put my heart and soul into. I’ve sent it several times to my boss and told him that we need to order more and asked him how awesome he thinks it is!! Cricket chirps.

  • My date didn’t happen last night. Seems that SS (who is a tax attorney) got busy with all of the deadlines and ended up having to work until the midnight deadline. Today he left for Phoenix to see his daughter - I think it’s her birthday, which I totally get, but…

  • The assignment for the “next steps” with Giant Corporation came and it is HUGE. It is a gigantic project that will take me hours and hours and hours of analysis, writing and recommendations. And its for something I don’t even like necessarily, but I can make it work. Still, it just sucks that they can’t look at my current body of work and make a decision. In a way I get it, but in another way, I 100% don’t want to do this.

  • My lunch date for today canceled. This is a person I rarely get to see and she ended up putting her work before our friendship. I don’t think she knows that I am on vacation and can’t just make this happen any old day of the week. I made arrangements. I took the dog to daycare. I rearranged my whole day for her. Oh well.

How to be zen about all of this? I have tried with some wine, but I think it’s only going to make me have a headache. I should just take myself to lunch. Maybe I will…

It’s just…I’d love, love, love some fucking credit for the months and months of energy I’ve spent on all of this. I am getting less than nothing. How to just let it all go????


Complicated Disaster October 16, 2020 (edited October 16, 2020)


Oh crumbs. What a lot of stuff!
Please please send me a link to your item!!
That's unfortunate about your date - but there'll be other occasions :-)
Hmmm. That seems like an unreasonable ask! We often ask for a presentation but not anything that would take more than a couple of hours to put together.
Your friend sucks!
How to be Zen? I don't know!

girl in recession October 16, 2020

Definitely take yourself out for a date! You deserve it!!

The Thirsty Oriental October 16, 2020

You definitely deserve a lot of credit!

Elaine Benes October 16, 2020

That is bullshit that you’ve gotten cricket chirps from your boss about the viral post. Is this something you can share with the potential new employer?

Soliloquy October 16, 2020

When I was looking for a job I had a lot of those interview “assignments” and I didn’t want to do any of them. For a couple I just bailed right there, because they said it was just like the work I’d be doing if I got the job and I absolutely didn’t want to do that full time. So you may want to consider that.

For the ones I did do, they always underestimated the time it took and overestimated the tools I had at my disposal. I do a lot of data analysis so anything really in depth requires software programs that one doesn’t usually have outside of the office, so were they expecting me to use my company’s resources to do the assignment? That didn’t feel right and I wasn’t employed somewhere that had those anyway. Doing all this caused a lot of anguish when I was rejected multiple times after putting in so much work, and on at least one occasion they used my work for free. I now seriously side eye any place that asks for so much as part of their interview process.

Ironically, at my current company, which I love, they didn’t ask for any assignments or even my references (they did do a basic background check though, but that didn’t ask for any time or effort from me). They trusted that I had the skills I said I did and the only non-interview thing was a couple of personality/aptitude type tests near the end of the interview process. It really spoke to the company culture of them trusting their employees. Looking back on all the places I applied with drawn out assignment-based processes, those assignments were huge red flags. Several of these places have since appeared in the news for how badly they’re treating their employees or major ethics violations.

So I guess what I’m saying is, if this job sounds completely awesome in every other respect, do the assignment. But if you have any misgivings at all, don’t waste your time with it and hold out for somewhere that will trust what you’ve already done.

Ginger Snap Soliloquy ⋅ October 17, 2020

That's really great advice and I appreciate it. I'm still debating whether or not I should do it - and I'm digesting the assignment. I'm thinking what I may do is take the path of least resistance and put together something like what I'm used to doing and just make it fit for this product/company.

I'm really glad to hear that you love your current company and that they trusted you.

bobbi01 October 17, 2020

Boss has once again proved what a dick he is. I'm wary about the assignment, do you trust them?

Marg October 17, 2020

That’s fantastic about the reposts! Boss - jealous much?? The assignment sounds like an awful lot of work - seems a bit much for an interview?

plushcreep October 17, 2020

Maybe a doZEN glasses of wine will put you in the right headspace.

Either that, or knock you out cold. In which case, you won't be worrying about all this stuff, so I'm considering that a win.

Jinn October 22, 2020

My first thought is that your boss is intimidated by you and he is not above exploiting your talent for his own advantage . Shame on him.
Sorry about your friend :-( and your date .

pandora October 27, 2020

Your boss hasn’t said anything about your product going viral?! I... can’t even believe it. Wow.

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