Schedules in Reconstruction

  • Oct. 16, 2020, 8:29 a.m.
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Well, this is bloody stupid.
One would think that a scheduled repair or service would put some kind of importance on the concept of SCHEDULE.
I had scheduled a heater clean for 8 a.m. and a water softener check at 10 a.m. with the intention of going into town this afternoon.
At 8:00, as my heater people were coming in… the Water Guy calls.
“Can I come over now?”
Well, I have other service people here so that isn’t going to work.
“OK. I’m going out of town so, do it another day?
No. I have it scheduled for 10 this morning.
“Yeah but I’m going out of town. I mean, I could swing by this afternoon, I guess.”

But GR. What the hell? Where is the professionalism?? If you’ve agreed to perform a specific service at a specific time ESPECIALLY if the service is in someone else’s HOME… don’t get surly when a person expects you to keep the damned schedule!

Purple Dawn 4 days ago

Where I live the Electricians, Plumbers etc are never on time and are able to charge whatever they like, they make at least $100 per hour. I learn as much as I can about each thing that needs to be done in the fall and can do quite a bit of it myself now. I should have gotten a trade!

girl in recession 4 days ago

Working in the medical field I learned that if someone is providing a service with unpredictable outcomes like doctor-ing, plumbing, or the like, schedules shouldn't be made at all. It should be a first-come-first-serve and then youre on the job until it's done which could be 15 minutes or two hours. Making a schedule just pisses everyone off. The Drs I worked for were always "behind schedule" because they were trying to save peoples lives instead of just leaving the exam room when their 15 minutes was up. But this would piss off patients with "appointments" - who also expected the Dr to stay with them for more than 15 minutes if something was seriously wrong.

Park Row Fallout girl in recession ⋅ 4 days ago

Right? That's why I was genuinely surprised that they gave me a set "time". Like... a range? Sounds good! Between 8 and 10 or even between 8 and Noon... something like that.

girl in recession Park Row Fallout ⋅ 4 days ago

Yeah even the Internet installer people give a RANGE! Altho when we got our internet installed here back in July, they said they'd be here between 8am-11am and they were here at 7AM!!!!!!!!!

stargazing 4 days ago

Ive never found repair people to be on time. We had to have a very large tree removed just before labor day, and we had it scheduled for a Wed, so I took time off work. Then the night before he text me to say that he would be able to come, and I expressed my displeasure with that since I had taken a vacation day...because trying to work through chain sawing wasn't great. DIdn't hear back from him. Then the next morning, I'm sleeping on the couch b/c I didn't sleep well the night before, and guess who showed up when he was originally scheduled? But usually, folks are late. I've never had one call hours earlier and ask if he could come now.

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