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  • Oct. 15, 2020, 1:53 p.m.
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(1) This shouldn’t need saying. But often does. Just because hearings are being done over the phone now? Doesn’t mean it is okay to turn up drunk or high. And YES, we can tell!

(2) Just read a lovely story about a couple that decided to lose a LOT of weight before their wedding. And they succeeded! But… of course they did. If your partner with whom you are living is on the same diet and exercise track? It is infinitely easier than going solo!

(3) An attorney made an honest mistake and asked me to do something outside of my jurisdiction. I responded with kindness and gave him the info he needed. Some would shrug and ignore because it is a waste of time. I chose kindness as my behavior is a reflection of my character.

(4) GRANTED: This one is too long for twitter and I did not post it there:
As some may know I feel a strange contradiction inside myself when viewing COSPLAY THOTS. Some, I support unvarying because they don’t STRICTLY post “look at my ass and tits” shots. Like… if you discuss the hobby, show some behind the scenes content… throw focus on the work itself… you get my support without question. The people who exclusively post “This is my costume” and it’s mostly a loosely defined bikini whose colors look like a Pokeball but you can barely see it because her tits are out. THAT… has always just bugged me a little. And bugged me more because some of those women still get my interest and my clicks. THIS leads to a discussion about OnlyFans.

As could be expected, Victoria has very strong feelings about OnlyFans and has honestly considered creating one of her own. And honestly? I agree with her position on the matter. All these people out in the world are ASKING for nudes and sexy shots of people they don’t know or aren’t in a relationship with. All these people out in the world are releasing revenge porn and hacking folks to steal their nudes or compromising shots. So if women want to say, “Fuck you, I’m owning my sexual image and telling you to fork over some fucking money for the privilege”....... You go, girl! Seriously. Go. Do. Succeed. Take joy!
But here’s the thing. We’ve talked about it before here how Television and Movies make every guy think they can get The Top Beauty Queen Standard or whatever. Well, between CamGirls, TikTok, SnapChat, InstaGram, Pintrest, OnlyFans, PornHub, xXxVids, RedTube… and I can absolutely promise you there are more than a dozen of these that I’ve left out… between the literal hundreds of Online Apps where women around the world are posting their best “Look how sexy I am!” photos… I can’t help but think it has an effect. I mean, despite the assumptions that have been made about me, my range for what I find attractive is pretty wide. Yes, I have 5 different “ideals” but I’m not even talking about that. There is a wide rang of body sizes, heights, styles, skin colors, hair colors, etc ad infinitum. But even WITH that wide range? I’m a 5‘7 220 lb man. And I would not consider being in a romantic, sexual relationship with a woman who was 6‘3 and 300 lbs. Is that because of my exposure to the idea that there are literally millions of women I would be more attracted to? Possibly. I’ll say that exposure to all of that has definitely convinced me that there are more attractive women interested in my hobbies… and if that is honestly true or not, I cannot confidently say.

So this topic, much like free speech and many other topics in the world, is one that inspires inner conflict. I am in favor of women taking their power back. I am in favor of women saying, “I’m going to do OnlyFans because this is something that I want to do or a way that I can make money in a difficult economy.” But at the same time… I do wonder about the potential unintended consequences.

(5) This one is just for here:
So… I’m a bitch. It is DAMNED hard keeping up with y’all. And I know… I’m busy and drowning in my own emotions and all sorts of other bullshit. But I’m a whore for notes. I love engaging in conversation. Posting on YOUR entries, getting notes on MY entries, responding to the notes on my entries. I love all of that. And by NOT being a good friend and keeping up with the people here that I care about I… well… it should be expected and understood that I feel bad about that. And have considered hunting y’all down on Facebook/Twitter or whatever social media or e-mail I may have for you. Just to drop a “Hey, you holding up okay through all of this?”

(6) The Trump administration publicly downplayed the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic while giving major Republican donors private warnings. The information helped elite traders “gain financial advantage during a chaotic three days when global markets were teetering,” according to The New York Times.

This isn’t exactly surprising, but I’m sharing this because this is the exact strategy that is being employed surrounding Climate Change. Any Global Threat is handled as primarily economic first by the current GOP. First, how can we make money? Second, how do we prevent poor people from rising in their station? Third, how do we protect ourselves? Fourth, if we don’t protect the others, is that going to hurt us in any way?

That’s the thought process.

(7) So… here’s a thing. I am taking a vacation day tomorrow. As I write this it is 2:00 central time. I have 2.5 hours left before I can leave here. And unless the phones go off the rails like they did yesterday… I’m just not going to do anything more here today.

After work? Go to Dollar Store for Coloring Book, Marker, and Energy Drink. Go to Grocery Store for Prescription and Booze. Walk dog, make food, clean, play video games and drink. That is my plan for the night.

Repair people in the morning, therapy in the afternoon, out of town errands in the evening.

I hope everybody has a good weekend. And hey! If you have a loved one nearby… give ‘em an extra big hug and tell them you love them.

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