Aspirations in Current Events

  • Oct. 13, 2020, 7:43 p.m.
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What are my aspirations? I haven’t given that any thought as of late. I was just getting my footing when the C19 response pulled the rug. Toni and I were planning to move in together so we could go to school. I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I think I found a career path that would give me job satisfaction. I have the millennial curse/gift of wanting meaningful work. I am aiming to get a degree in nutrition and a certificate in life/wellness coaching. There are a few routes that I can take with those but the end game, which feels so far away, is to open my own clinic/wellness centre. I would hire a team of other nutrition experts, coaches, therapists and fitness coaches. Together we would create a body-positive atmosphere to try and build a community for like-minded individuals with like-minded goals. Through a holistic approach, we would work with the mind, the body and the energy or fuel we use to power the mind & body. Life coaching is what excites me the most. Helping clients build a victor mentality by helping them process unrealized and unresolved energies and memories that are holding them down. I don’t necessarily need a degree to open such a business but there is more I would like to do with it. Blog, vlog and try and add value to others that way also. I am trying not to think too big about it right now. When I think, I sink. I have so much other matters to sort out at the moment. I have no ground to stand on right now. I’m in a desperate time and place and I need to be as zen as possible so my goals and aspirations are on the backburner.

I don’t think I could settle on just doing one thing. I have a creative side. I like to express and observe. I like to paint and I like to write and like to exchange ideas and have nuance dialogue with others. Heavyweight champions compete with other heavyweight champions, right? Not that it is a competition to talk about culture and politics but that space is slowly shrinking. Nobody is leaving space in their life for differences of opinion. A cultural shift needs to happen and it is happening. I want to put myself out there and get involved in making those conversations happen again. I want to do some freelance writing. I also want to write novels to express how I see the world around me. I want to take courses for painting also and get better at expressing how I see the world within me. I’m all over the place here but those are some hobbies I would like to get better at. Side hustles? I dunno.

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