Adding Exhaustion in Reconstruction

  • Oct. 9, 2020, 7:26 p.m.
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SO… I’m really honestly going to try to push through and get some stuff done tonight.

But I made a terrible and exhausting choice.

A friend was writing about why he was worried about Amy Barrett’s possible promotion to the Supreme Court.

This particular friend has an absolute SHIT TON of Trump supporters in his family.

So he was getting beaten up pretty badly about “Being against the country” and all the other absolutely ridiculous and stupid shit these people say in an effort to bully people into supporting the bully President.

I jumped in with “The Barrett Religious angle is not a conspiracy theory. The author of A Hand Maid’s Tale said this was the sect that she based the story on. Barrett has openly identified as a member of the sect.”

Then I get piled on with “Such a double standard!! You call us crazy for PizzaGate but you’re allowed to believe this shit?”

In my… attempt at remaining professional, I adopted my lawyer to jury mindset and stated, “The difference is found in an investigation of verifiable evidence and testimony. The author stated her inspiration. The judge stated her membership. That is verifiable information directly from the sources involved. PizzaGate is information from people outside of what they are accusing with no firsthand knowledge, experience, or testimony. It is unverifable, as all Conspiracy Theories are, and is based largely on conjecture and false correlation.”

After the insults died down, someone said “How dare you! You’re telling me Epstein was just such a fantastic person and nobody was ever raped or trafficked?”

I responded that OF COURSE Epstein was a monster and that isn’t even political as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were both associates of his. But Epstein isn’t PizzaGate and to try to say those are the same thing is ridiculous.

To which the response was: “Kids getting trafficked and raped. They are absolutely the same thing! Disgusting!”

At which point? I had to just bow out. I informed them all that I was a Special Victims Prosecutor and while their rage at imagined and real child sexual assault was appreciated, I’m the guy that has to deal with it in real life every day. And I was starting to see the photos of certain cases in my head again which is not what I want to do on a Friday.

And… of course because this is how the internet works… they celebrated that my departure meant they clearly won and had the better argument and “got me”.

Exhausting. I’m reminded of a statement I can’t quite remember but the gist of it is
“For people arguing theory, it takes less emotional labor than for those arguing their experience.”
Cuz that’s where I am. For these assclowns to freak out about “Oh, think of the children” is all fun and political games. For me? I have names, faces, dates.... For them it is a political point and a victory against “godless liberals.” For me? It’s actually putting in the hard work, the emotional labor to try to get things done. Go ahead and believe bullshit conspiracies in an effort to justify voting for the absolute piece of shit Trump is and always has been. Just like always… while you go out there and preachify and pontificate about how your morals and values require you to vote.... I’ll be putting the hard work in.... because my morals and values require me to actually do something about the problem.

hippiechica15 October 09, 2020

Bless you for engaging in that argument, and of course the actual WORK you do to combat real sex crimes. It makes me angry that the same people who claim to be concerned with supposed child trafficking will also tell you that rape culture doesn't exist in any way...or, you know, do anything about legitimate trafficking or sex crimes.

girl in recession October 10, 2020

exactly why I don't debate the existence of god or religious beliefs.

Melrose October 10, 2020

Behind you 100%

DE_KentuckyGirl October 12, 2020

I dont even bother with online discussions of such things. Waste of energy.

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