Hellish week in Torridaussity Two

  • Oct. 9, 2020, 6:44 a.m.
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This week has been upsetting and confirming for me that I am nearing the end of this career path I’ve been on for 16 years now. No I’m not going to up and quit, but I know I can’t continue this job forever and this week has confirmed that. Perhaps when I am back to my regular school and regular client I will feel better, but I subbed this week, loved the client, felt belittled, disrespected, and shamed by his nurse who and I don’t mean any disrespect people in this field, isn’t even a licensed CNA and can’t even take the kid to the bathroom every hour like she is supposed to. But she is most definitely not trained to work with children with autism like I am. 16 years of working with them, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, countless hours of ongoing clinical trainings every year, and you want to act like you know how to do my job, I don’t think so. Doing everything for him is not doing my job. Ignoring the child when he clearly wants to interact is not doing my job or right for the child. Not getting him a drink when he asks for more because you don’t want him filling up on liquids when he only drank half a sippy cup all day is not even doing your job. Sitting on your phone all day is definitely doing no job at all. I feel sorry for the child and there is not much I can do. I’ve reported what I can. I have a few hours left today and then back to my more normal routine. I pray I get through those hours without punching her in the face.

Small Town Girl October 10, 2020

I am glad you reported her. Sadly they get away with it because the demand for caregivers is so high. Its sad.

Always Laughing Small Town Girl ⋅ October 11, 2020

Thankfully she was better by the end of the week so who knows. I just hated seeing it and being there. I'm back to my normal routine now so should be much better.

Symmetry October 12, 2020

I'm glad you've reported her. That is abuse and negligence on her part. Wtf is she even doing in that profession if she isn't interested in the work? She is a disgrace.

Jlynnaz 🌺 October 27, 2020 (edited October 27, 2020)


This used to bug me all the time when I worked with children. The morale and attitude of others. Like they're shocked that working with kids is hard. Dude, it's daycare. Of course, it's considered "glorified babysitting", but people have no idea how hard it is. I'm glad you reported her--- especially important with special needs children.

Always Laughing Jlynnaz 🌺 ⋅ October 27, 2020

Thanks :-)

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