Liberal Privilege and Leftist Derangement in Current Events

  • Oct. 8, 2020, 4:06 p.m.
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Liberal Privilege
1) Believing you have the right to control other people’s lives
2) Believing you have the right to never hear other opinions
3) Believing that when you’re offended others have to care
4) Believing that there are two sets of rules: one for you and one for everyone else

During the VP debate last night, Mike Pence delivered the most beautiful line. You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. This is what all of the leftists do when we discuss politics, they bring up rhetoric and popular opinion and then try and pass them off as facts. That’s what Kamala kept doing in the debate. It felt like facts and truths to those who do not challenge what they hear in the media. Leftists assume that I’m deranged because I do not see things their way. The reason for that is because I do not substitute reality for rehtoric. I do see things their way. I can process more than one viewpoint. It’s actually not hard to see things their way because it doesn’t require any cerebral constitution. What Trump haters reveal to me is that they have never questioned what they’ve heard from mainstream media. Their beliefs that come from MSM are disturbingly fundamental. They experience actual cognitive dissonance when they hear opposing views. They experience extreme discomfort and so their reactions are visceral. They attack you, your character and your morality instead of the argument because changing a fundamental belief is hard stuff. I speak from experience, I used to have TDS. This is why they seem to irrationally reject any fact that undermines the mainstream narrative. Like Pavlov’s dog, they’ve been conditioned to react a certain way to certain buzzwords. They’re conditioned to not look into anything labelled conspiracy or misinformation. They’ve been conditioned to accept name-calling as a legitimate form of argument. That’s racist and transphobic! End of story! No sweetie, no. That is not a form of argument.

Some personal examples of leftists rejecting facts include me saying something like BLM founders say that they’re trained Marxists and I’ll show them the clip. They will respond with Wow buddy you are so dumb. That’s just alt-right conspiracy. Then they continue to defend the burning, looting and murdering of innocent people based on a fake narrative. I’ll hit them with a Hey look, that man was resisting arrest when the police shot him because unarmed does not mean not dangerous. They’ll respond with a You’re not aware of your own racism you’re a neo-Nazi sympathizer holocaust denier. Like what? I think what happened is that the left, with the help of governments and big tech censorship, shrunk that space we all need to exchange ideas. This is why every issue has become so polarized. The narcissism of small differences. (The narcissism of small differences is the thesis that communities with adjoining territories and close relationships are especially likely to engage in feuds and mutual ridicule because of hypersensitivity to details of differentiation) The left honestly believes that an opposing opinion is hate speech and violence because it hurts so much to hear it. The MSM even calls anything that goes against their narrative misinformation. Who appointed the MSM, big tech and our governments as the arbiters of truth? A free society is supposed to be allowed to look at information and discern for themselves where they want to land. That’s not at all what is happening here. It’s Orwellian to tell people what they’re supposed to think and to control what information they have access to.

It’s been frustrating to try and reason with individuals this deranged and radicalized. I used to have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I get it. Then I went out and tried to represent my opinions and I couldn’t do it. My opinion that Trump was a racist, fascist misogynistic, bigot was false. Everybody says so and so that was my whole argument. Now I have full-bodied opinions as to why that is false. I feel betrayed by culture and mainstream media because they brainwashed me. I don’t think Trump is Jesus or anything. Funny enough, he just recreated Passover weekend with his COVID and he brought peace in the middle east and the bioluminescent in the Moderna vaccine is called Luciferous lol. There are people all over believing that this is the book of revelations happening and that Trump is the anti-christ bringing in 7 years of peace before the seven years of tribulation lol. Anyway, so many have red-pilled because Trump exposed the fake news. They’re propaganda. They don’t report stories, they create them. The majority of Pro Trumpers are just anti-leftists. I don’t hate liberals, we need them. We reject leftists. They’re the ones who enabled Germany to kill six million in the name of social justice, 20 million in Russia in the name of social justice and 40 million in China in the name of social justice. The sheeple are dangerous. This live and let live and everybody is entitled to their own opinion was peachy keen until we started to look the other way when BLM and ANTIFA started destroying people’s lives and tried to take away their police. I used to be like a lot of people and thought that every politician is corrupt and that my vote doesn’t matter so I can just void my vote and stay quiet. I don’t know where that belief of absolute defeat came from but damn. We are not cattle, we are men! or however that Charlie Chaplin speech goes.

I can add more to that list of liberal privileges. Just from my own experiences of trying to stimulate nuanced dialogue with people with different politics than my own.
5) Believing that you don’t have to represent your opinions but others do
6) Believing that your opinion is so morally just that it shouldn’t even be up for debate
7) Believing that anyone who disagrees with you is immoral and evil
8) Believing that something is stupid just because you don’t understand it

They are the woke Taliban. Leftists, not liberals. Liberals I value. Leftists want everybody to live in submission to their ideologies. It’s radical and insane. Trump is the only one standing up to it and that is why I value him. When I see the MSM lying so overtly I can’t trust the left. I just can’t. The stakes aren’t just high in the US. The world is safest when America is strong. Their constitution is what makes them strong and that’s what the Democrats want to attack to bring in socialism. The green new deal is just socialism. Socialism does not work. Americans don’t even realize how spoiled they are because they’re so brainwashed. Blah, I’m self-aware enough to know that my opinions and politics are not palatable but I don’t want to be a silent majority. So it makes people uncomfortable and insecure. Narcissists jump on the chance to attack and gaslight me. I control my narrative so let them. Anyway, this was somebody’s reaction to the debate last night. Can you believe? The left would accuse me of “mansplaining” here. Their victim narrative is all they have and they’re so sure that everyone is going to participate in it.
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