You're F'ing Kidding Me! in Reconstruction

  • Oct. 8, 2020, 2:22 a.m.
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Just saw this online interaction:

Biden4Prez: It’s too bad Trump supporters have their own delusional reality.

TrumpLyfe: I think you have that backwards, there.

Biden4Prez: Okay, how about you just say Racism is Bad

Trump4Lyfe: Racism? WHERE?! Where do you think racism is?!

Biden4Prez: you can’t even SAY racism is bad?

Trump4Lyfe: sure racism is bad; but you people don’t even accept that racism happens to white people, so what now?!


girl in recession October 08, 2020

yep. sigh.

stargazing October 08, 2020

UGH is right. sigh

Just Some Girl October 08, 2020


hippiechica15 October 08, 2020

Bizarro world.

DimMeOut October 08, 2020

Wow... LOL

Rhapsody in Purple 6 days ago

My cousin who has been living in America for 30 years is a trump supporter. She posts stuff like this. Luckily she doesn’t get a vote.

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