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  • Oct. 5, 2020, 7:02 p.m.
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So far the limit on social media has been good, though I seem to have replaced one social vice for another. Due to the nature of the news lately, I have gone on Twitter to check on what’s happening with our Dumbass in Chief, and sure enough, it’s baffling. Though I rarely (and I do mean rarely) participate in the Twitterverse, I’m going to have to shut that one off as well. It’s absolutely beyond mind-warping idiocracy.

I watched The Social Dilemma on Saturday, and while it didn’t surprise me because I know that everything we click is set up for profit, but it was a good reinforcement to think that WE are the commodity being sold here - just like mining for gold or oil or other precious resources, WE are the ones being bought and sold and every click is a manipulation. Not news, but I understand how we are fed and our behavior reinforced. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone who consumes the news, has social media accounts and gets any kind of information from the internet. So, that’s pretty much every single person in the world.

My real-life social interaction over the weekend was very, very low. Good thing, because Martini needed the whole weekend to recover from her Leptospirosis vaccine. She’d start to feel better and we’d go for a walk and then she’d get super sore and shaky, even hiding under the bed for a while. And then, without warning, she’d get the zoomies, full of energy and pep…and then she’d shut down again. Today she seems to be 100% her old self. Happy about that. The weather is gorgeous and we should be able to go for a good, long lunchtime walk.

Sitting here at the office in our last few weeks of nearly having the whole place to myself. Gotta be honest, I’m going to be alternately happy to see more people and also scared shitless that someone is going to bring the virus into the building. Boss is the worst offender of not wearing a mask when he should. As an example, during my review he shut the door AND took off his mask. That’s not cool at all and I want to find a way to make sure that it’s communicated to HR or something because I don’t want a bunch of people coming into the office thinking they don’t have to wear a mask because HE doesn’t.

Also, the under-the-nose mask wearing is absolutely unacceptable!

How do I elevate this anonymously?! I need to find out.

Looking forward to taking the week off next week. I have decided to take a little road trip to a somewhat nearby dog-friendly city for a couple of days of hikes and food trucks and outdoorsy things and then come back and just hang for the remainder of vacay. That will get me out of town for a few days and at home for a few more. It’s better than not taking a vacation at all. And after next week I’ll still have 13 days of vacay left. No way I’ll be able to take them all, but I’m going to see if I can try. Maybe take Fridays off for several weeks? Hmmmm.

It’s so nice to look forward to a little something, even if it’s not a grand vacation. Keeping things low key is going to be the way the rest of the year and into next year. Keep moving, but keep it understated.

I like the sound of that.

Stay healthy, friends.

Complicated Disaster October 05, 2020

Well done with your social media limiting!! Twitter is the worst though. Stay well clear! xx

Elaine Benes October 05, 2020

I spent WAY too much time on Twitter this weekend. Your week off plan sounds good!

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ October 05, 2020

I'm finally back to reading books and that feels good!

bobbi01 October 05, 2020

The half pie mask wearing is the worst. Glad you are going to get a wee change of scenery.

WhatDreamsMayCome October 05, 2020

Terrible situation with the boss in the room with the door closed.

Ginger Snap WhatDreamsMayCome ⋅ October 06, 2020

I know! He truly thinks he’s above having to wear a mask for others’ safety.

girl in recession October 06, 2020

That is a tough spot to be in with the boss. I'm not sure how i'd approach it either. :/

Marg October 06, 2020

Your boss makes me mad! I was watching 90 Day Fiancé yesterday and there was a doctor on it who had the whole half-pie mask thing going on and as she spoke to a couple, she pulled the mask further and further down until it was hanging round her neck!

plushcreep October 07, 2020

You're so lucky with all that vacation time!!

I guess anonymously hanging posters up around the office with pics of people wearing masks incorrectly and the caption DON'T BE A COVIDIOT! is off the table?

Jinn October 11, 2020

Your boss would have made me furious.

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