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  • Oct. 5, 2020, 10:41 a.m.
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It was painful to watch another content creator that I like fall for lefts fake narratives. He’s so brilliant how can he not be aware of his own confirmation biases? He’s doing shitty sensemaking because he does not know how to process information. His lack of cerebral constitution is obvious as he is just sticking to the mainstream narrative. It’s all just narrative warfare out there and most of what we see is propaganda, you don’t have to politically woke to at least assume that. But what is true and what is truthful? 40 minutes, that’s all you really need to get through this War On Sensemaking series to come out and be able to red pill. Red pill as in wake up to see that the television is telling lies to your vision. Your whole worldview was shaped by a lying machine. The entire ecology of information is broken and pushing whatever it can for political effectiveness. One cannot finish the first segment of this series not understand what is truly meant by fake news.

One cannot finish the following video and still fail to understand what 2020 is. All of western society is destabilizing. We’re all acquiescing our liberties. This is to usher in socialism and to end democracy as we know it all over the globe. However, America has that strong constitution in the way. This is not a conspiracy, in this video, Yuri is just a man explaining how he and the soviets infiltrate countries to get citizens to acquiesce their liberties to their greedy governments. You can decide for yourself but it would be pretty hard-pressed to find somebody who wouldn’t see the parallel after learning this. This has already happened many times in America but again, their strong constitution is in the way. Their people are too free and too patriotic. America is too great. You have to get them to hate their country and to think it’s the worse place in the world. That’s when they fall for the seduction of a dystopia where everything is free. However, the politically woke ones know that socialism and communism do not work. It has never worked and it will never work because people are not perfectible. Even my country, Canada, is basically socialism and my current Prime Sinister is just starting to go full-socialist because he just barely got elected. The left is playing all their cards right now and their propaganda efforts are coming in strong but if you watch the video above you’ll see right through it. The video below is showing you why everything is the way it is right now. This didn’t start while I was in school, I was not indoctrinated by my education. Just by culture.

It’s funny how the answer to climate change seems to be socialism. All over the globe. Ever since the United Nations decided that they would bring in a New World Order via Agenda 21. Trudeau is only focused on climate change and global interests. He’s leaving so many Canadians behind in that effort. AOC’s green new deal is also just socialism. Never trust a ho, never trust an ex and never trust a politician that says something is free. Biden lied through his teeth by the way when he said that he didn’t support this deal but here it is. AOC’s green new deal of socialism. It’s kind of like how my Prime Sinister is adding another carbon tax to our heating bills. Just a small 60% increase to ensure that we don’t use too much energy to stay alive in our deadly winters. That will save the world from climate change…

Speaking of Biden’s lies, he also denied this manifesto at the debate which is just full of more radicalized policies.

America’s constitution was designed to keep Americans bigger than the government. That is why the democrats hate it so much. They want to get rid of the two-party system, the electoral college, the fillibuster and they want to pack the supreme court and have open borders because they want to grant Puerto Rico statehood. That’s right. They want 52 states. All of this to get in power, grow their power and to keep that power. It will be a one-party system disguised as multiple because they’ll own everything. They’re playing all of their cards. They’re using mail-in ballots to rig the election. You need an ID to go to the DNC convention but do not need an ID to vote? This is a stunt. The mainstream media protects their narratives to keep people emotionally high-jacked. Every pro-Biden argument is just anti-Trump one. I can replace one leftist with another and they’ll just say the same things. They are brainwashed. Kayleigh McEnany had a press conference just after the debate and the look she gave the Fox journalist was just of pure bafflement. That was the moment we watched Fox join the rest of the fake journalists in perpetuating a lie. The one in which everybody says that Trump has yet to denounce white supremacy. Yet he’s done so more than any modern president. If you can see for yourself that the media is lying about that then you should be red pilled enough to start questioning everything else. Is he actually a Russian Agent? Did he actually hire cops to hunt down black people? We call this Trump Derangement Syndrome because we can show people the facts and it will mean nothing. They just want the narratives they hear confirmed. They won’t even open it or look at it because their cognitive dissonance is so real. It’s just a little psychological trick, they make you hear it endlessly to make you believe it. Just watch this montage of the many many times Trump denounced racism and White Supremacy. The Media is lying. This is why we call them the enemy of the people. Fake news is double-speak for propaganda.

Evelyn October 05, 2020

It's amazing how many people still won't see how Trump is trying to save the US from being destroyed by the Democrat/Socialist party.

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ October 05, 2020

They're dirty commies. Ok, they're not all evil. Some I think are just confused and don't know what to think or feel but the covert narcissists are in their glory right now. Campaigning for sympathy and attention.

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