525,600 seconds in Reconstruction

  • Oct. 3, 2020, 1:32 a.m.
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Last night, I went to bed… nothing special. BUT I had been informed that there was a FROST ADVISORY… meaning temperatures so low overnight that animals should be brought inside and windows closed. Whatevs, I thought. My thermometer is set at 65 (as a courtesy) because I handle the cold WAY better than any heat.

When I woke up?? Temperature INSIDE the house was 59 and rapidly falling!!! Obviously I told work I wouldn’t be in, and called a repair company.

They fixed the issue, eventually, hooray.

But that being said… today has NOT been productive, has NOT been healthy, and has NOT advanced my life forward in any significant way.

Franky, it has helped establish that an unhelpful presence is, in many ways, at least MORE healthy than a Zero presence.

stargazing October 03, 2020

At least you the problem popped up now, rather than in the middle of winter.

Diana of the hunt October 03, 2020

Let her and the whole idea of her go.

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