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  • Sept. 21, 2020, 10:08 p.m.
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That’s what the elders would say. Elders and church folks.

Man. It’s been crazy. Well. It’s been what it’s gonna be. Let me say that.
This past Saturday was little cousin’s birthday. He would have been 29. His dad, Big Dog, had a gathering at his new house with his fiancee and other family members. There was a balloon release earlier in the day which I saw a bit of it in a video. There has been some things said surrounding this and I hope that none of it is true, but at the same time I hope that the person involved decides to chill out and let whatever happens happen. I apologize for the vagueness, but something like that does not need to be recorded or repeated. It’s that serious. I just hope the family, my family, can move forward with one another. This has really shown us that time is full of swift transition. We must love each other at all cost.

I had grandboy with me this weekend while the other one was with his father’s people. I have to go to them tonight, but I am so sleepy.

I think my doctor results are messing with my head.
I finally got to see a doctor. I went about my leg however I went on a head and got my physical in because I’m getting older and I need to stay on top of these things these days. Well, I’ve known that I’ve been iron deficient/low blood anemic for quite sometime. Like, since I was 18. I had a period that didn’t stop for a month. I was put on birth control and that regulated me after that. But I guess I never recovered my blood cells. Well when my lab work came back, she said she was concerned. I always buy iron pills, but I don’t like how they do me. One doctor had me taking three pills a day, which I found that was too much. I just never found a regular habit of pill popping. I don’t even take my multivitamin everyday.

Another diagnosis is that I have arthritis in my knee. It’s mild but it’s there. I also have developed bone spurs in the effected knee. Nothing a little weight loss won’t help. Another thing: The pre-diabetic thing. That made me gasp. I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I didn’t think that would happen to me. At any rate, I have my work cut out for me. I have to lose weight.

The hard part is seriously carving out time to do so. I don’t eat bad, but I could stand to give up fries and potato chips. But since the results came back and my doctor says she’s concerned with my hemoglobin level, I’ve all of a sudden been more tired and cold. I’ve already started taking the calcium with vitamin D in it because she said I would need to take those because of osteoperosis and such. Got the order for the mammogram and then I need to check in with an OB/’Ginacologist…LOL

I don’t like my grandpuppy either. He is about as bad as these children and hard headed. I don’t know about training dogs so to get him to stop jumping on me is a chore. Getting him to stop chewing on things other than his chew toys is a chore. He has to go to the basement. Well, he hangs out at the top of the stairs behind the basement door and whines until he gets tired I guess. I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t always so jumpy and bitey. It’s annoying. I find myself yelling at EVERYONE kids and dog too. LOL It’s no fun.

After months of on again, off again music and tv combos, I finally reached out to landlady about neighbor. I asked her about the conduct clause in the lease. When I move, I swear I’m not telling her anything. This is ridiculous. I have way too many stressors to keep being stressed out in my own home.

So I’ve gotten the kids quiet and settled down. As long as they are chill the puppy is quiet. I’m in the living room typing this, Bubby Sr is on his tablet, Bubby Jr is on my phone watching Bliippi videos. No sooner than I say that, here they come, “Hey Gada, whatchoo doing?” I said I was minding my business and I see they are minding my business too. Now I’ve got the big one in here by himself making circles on the carpet and playing with quarters. It was quiet. Now it’s not.

My job is never done. My quiet is never maintained.

I have to get up at the crack of ass to make it safely to west county to by 7am to get my car fixed. Well oil change and tire rotation. The dog pushed the door open. Now I’m yelling at everyone again.

She doesn’t get off work until 10:30.


Kindest regards,

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