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so. the other movies I watched were martian child, the fall and lady in the water. the fall is sad. martian child is a good movie. oh and boys don’t cry love that movie.
so I figured out that on my phone keyboard if I turn it it makes the keyboard wider. the only problem is it covers the screen so I can’t see anything.
I read stephen king’s the institute and. . .i forgot the other one.
right so I talked to mark about the lady being vexed about the whole internet thing and. it doesn’t seem to make sense to him either her being vexed.
oh i also watched father of the bride part 2. it’s ok. diane keaton’s character really bothers me. my god.
I’ve been feeling puffy. since the abscess procedure over a wk. ago. I suppose that’s normal. not asking for advice or anything. well i never do so.

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