The Death and Rebirth of Love part 3 in Poetry

  • Sept. 16, 2020, 11:18 p.m.
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She prays to God
And wonders if
Her prayers become
Lost in flight
Life and love
Appear to be dead
And her heart
Continuously bleeds
From the curse
That has been place on her soul

From a distance
I was watching her plea
I could feel her pain
As she tried to explain
Her compromise between
The Sun and Moon
But her words
Couldn’t pierce the heavens
Dropping to her knees
As if she failed
To resurrect her life
From past mistakes
Humanity chooses not to let go
But bully you into their control

As I walked
Closer to this sight
I noticed the moonlight
Reflect a prism
In her eyes
And each color
Was a story of her design
And I said
“I don’t know
Who you are
But from the words
You spoke
I know
We have the same heart
I can see
You are lost and confused
Trying to make the pieces fit
And I know it all feels
As if everything is lost
I’m here
To try and be a guide
The past is dead
The present and future
Is all you have
Change direction and recreate yourself
Before you become what you hate
And the mirrors break
The illusions you live in
And your time
Belongs to the dead
And the world rearranges your face
To fit a false narrative of temporary grace”

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