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  • Sept. 16, 2020, 2:01 p.m.
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I wish that we had a functioning media. If it can’t be used for political effectiveness it isn’t reported. As I said, the real conspiracy theorists are the ones who believe that the government cares about them and that the media would never lie to them. A whistleblower from the University of Hong Kong is trying to get through to prove that this COVID-19 virus was man-made. This was already known in non-mainstream media because of the genome of the virus. It’s a Frankenstein virus. It also has a protein that is synthetic which allows for it to get into places that it shouldn’t inside our bodies. The question is, did the Wuhan Virology leak it on accident or was this an attack on the world from China? This whistleblower says that it is an attack from China. Either way, our governments and media are helping suppress this information.

Justin Trudeau has been trying to consolidate the control of information. “Information operations” is Trudeau’s doublespeak for propaganda and a memo from the Canadian Forces shows that the top General, Jon Vance, recognized that Trudeau was trying to use the military to control information on social media. General Jon Vance put a stop to this propaganda effort of trying to manipulate the Canadia public. Justin seems to have a problem with Canadians thinking for themselves. They are reported to have been tasked with tracking opposition to Trudeau’s government, discredit dissident voices and making sure that the national political conversation was in alignment with the narrative. This is not shocking to me but should be shocking to the sheeple, it’s a 15-page document but is this being reporting on the Liberal funded mainstream media? Nope. Is parliament open? Nope. He answers to no one. He shut parliament the day he got caught stealing. Now he and his minority government have been spending spending spending. He’s siding with the UN in preparing to save the world from “climate change”. The UN has no power, yet. It will though, Agenda 21 has been coming to the surface. It’s at least in the conservative media. This is one giant power grab and President Trump is in the way. If Trudeau does call for a re-election I pray to God that we get the conservative party in. Trump changed conservatism and if O’Toole takes it in that direction that would be perfect! Defund the WHO, UN and end the Paris agreement, break up with China, get jobs back in Canada. Fill our Canadian Bank, let Alberta process their oil and make Canada completely independent. We can produce our own energy, make our own food and make our own products. Then to put the icing on the cake give healthcare back to Canadians. Grow the economy with some good old fashioned capitalism, give the rich major tax breaks so they won’t take their jobs elsewhere. If people who suck at life want socialism so badly, they can go to China or Russia. Blah… I’m just writing because I am so flustered. COVID was an assault on the world and my Government is helping cover that up while trying to make China great again. I wish I could take the blue bill. Just join everyone in believing that an influenza virus is a plague. I want to tell you my favourite COVID joke but there’s still a 99.36% chance that you won’t get it.

KissOfLife! September 16, 2020

Yeah it can't be a coincidence that Facebook are now blocking Australians from sharing news articles that aren't "true". Our government has been defunding our ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) who are our independent broadcaster who show all the news that isn't owned by the Murdoch empire, and that's a big no-no in their eyes lol. I mean, I don't know for sure if the virus was man-made, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if it was. Will you be taking the vaccine? or have I opened a can of worms by asking that? lol.
It will be exciting if Canada goes down that track that you wish for.

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ September 17, 2020 (edited September 17, 2020)


Australia has been getting a lot of attention from my Pundits. You were a free society just months ago and now pregnant women are getting arrested for exercising their right to protest. The fact that they found her, and many others through FB show that your government IS spying on you. Then using that intel to control your speech and freedoms. Victoria is staying in stage 4 until September next year, I read. New Zealand, without public consultation their leader, gave herself omnipotent power. This is a huge power grab for your government. No government is going to give it back to the people after an overreach like this.

It was an Australian journalist who discovered, long ago, that C19 was man-made. Australia was pushing hard for answers from China. Then China cyberattacked you guys and has been in your airspace while you guys are in curfew. Trump has been sending a strong military presence to you and India try and scare China off. When North Korea became a threat Trump sent a strong military presence to Seoul and that was enough to intimidate NK into taking a seat. They were spreading propaganda about having new technology that could send nukes from space, or something?

I would rather get antibodies the real way than to have the virus injected into me with a load of other dangerous material. Sourced from aborted babies. It's on the record that this vaccine is targeting our mRNA. The mRNA is what translates our DNA for building. This vaccine is designed to change our DNA. More people are going to get the vaccine than those who are going to get COVID. This isn't a plague, it's just a .34% mortality rate and is not a threat unless you have underlying health conditions.

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ September 17, 2020

LOL well considering regional Victoria is already in eased restrictions as of yesterday, I think you're a bit off-course with that one. Melbourne is still in stage 4 cos they need to be, but they won't be in it for too much longer - probably another two weeks unless there's another spike. Certainly not September next year!
We've got the BLM and Refugee protests happening here these days - if people want to knowingly break the laws in place then that's on them.
Oh yeah I already knew ASIO was monitoring us, that was public news. I figure if they want to know about my sex life, then they are just perverts - Hi guys!
Our government also tells us that there are no illegal boat arrivals anymore, but conveniently made it illegal for any media to report on it happening. Of course it's still happening.
Yes Indonesia aren't happy with Chinese ships in their waters either.
I agree with you that it's not a plague by any means, but it can be a fucker of a thing to get for some people. Is everyday life back to normal where you are? I'm so glad it is here. We only have closed borders because of our state election next month and it will get her votes. Our Prime Minister was told today that he needs to Quarantine for 14 days like everyone else if he wants to enter the state LOL (apparently he wants to for some reason - probably to help his party in the state election, but our state opposition leader is an absolute moron so I doubt it'll help any).

TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ September 17, 2020

Life is a trade-off, we don't reduce speed limits to 10 to save lives because we need a functioning society. I don't know how your COVID death counts are represented but mine is as a whole. The CDC broke theirs down by cause of death and only 6% were directly from COVID. The rest was due to underlying conditions. 40% of all deaths are because 4 Democrat leaders put sick patients in nursing homes. The PCR tests have been going through an additional 5-10 amplification cycles which allows it to detect dead, inactive and clinically insignificant viral loads. The viral loads from those tests were measured in a separate study and it showed that up to 90% of test results should have been negative.

Things are not easing up here. Masks have become mandated for most businesses and by some governments. Ontario and Quebec are preparing for lockdowns. We have been protesting because our liberties do not end when somebody's fear begins. I repeat, our liberties do not end when somebody's fear begins. My PM is bracing for an election as well. So that's the top three of the freest countries in the world having an election this fall. This timing is too good to be true. This has to be a stunt, to consolidate the left so that they can grow that powerless UN. My PM shut down parliament, is locking down the only two provinces he needs votes from and has almost all of the control of information and there have also been talks of mail-in ballots. He's going to steal the election. The Dems are going to steal the election. Both parties have been in bed with China. I don't want a global government with China for even a second. Blah

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ September 17, 2020

So you're saying I should send off my ancestry.com-dna test now to see if I have any Chinaman in me? Maybe I have acquired some of Ryan's DNA over the years to save my bacon.
By democrats i assume you mean the US? I'll be surprised if they win tbh. Canasia I have no idea about but that's so shit if the election is actually being rigged. I hope the citizens do their research and don't just blindly vote.

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