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  • Sept. 15, 2020, 4:06 p.m.
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Blackout by Candace Owens is released today. I have the audible and I am looking forward to educating my WAP. It’s read by Larry Elders, like, I am fangirling a little bit. I am still trying to get through 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. There was a lot of hype but his writing style makes it hard for me to stay engaged. I don’t know what the disconnect is exactly but I suspect that it is my patience. He drags on a simple point. Feminists can’t stand him or his book because of his fanbase. Men. Men that want to improve themselves. Empowered men are a problem for feminists. I’m also still trying to get through Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage. I lack focus.

Speaking of transgendered, I found a post about how to cancel JK Rowling without cancelling Harry Potter. I couldn’t resist going into the comment section and calling the Woke Taliban, Al Gayda, out on forcing people to live in submission to their radicalized gender ideologies. It’s hurting women and children. Calling something transphobic is not a legitimate form of argument. What we did, as men, was redefine what a woman is. There is more than one way to be a woman and what we’re telling adolescent girls is that if they have a husky build, like short hair and sports or have same-sex attraction then they are gender non-conforming and not a real woman. What brought women together was their ability to menstruate, create life and produce milk for their babies. If that was compromised it was a tragic loss for a woman. What we did, as men, was tell women what they are. Drag queens do what? They imitate women with long hair, nails, makeup, dresses, curves… that’s all plumage. That’s not how women defined themselves. Are gender and sex separate? I don’t care. It was live and let live until we started to force this idea down people’s throats which ended up hurting women and children.

Adolescent girls are disproportionately affected by this gender as a social construct. According to a taxonomy of gender that they are forced to locate themselves on, they don’t feel like a girl or a boy so they are chemically sterilizing themselves with cross-sex hormones and getting top-surgery to become non-binary or Trans. Not to become men but to become Trans itself. Will that give someone their best life? We can’t measure or treat gender dysphoria because of Trans activists. They call that conversion therapy. Want to know what is also considered conversion therapy? Telling lesbians that they are TERFs and transphobic for not wanting a penis in their relationship. You are not entitled to a woman touching your penis! There is no argument for it. Sorry Jessica Yaniv but I’m not sorry. I’m a libertarian first, I agree that a person can treat their dysphoria any way that they want but what we did was make it impossible to diagnose and stop a child from becoming a medical patient for life. This is child abuse, not Trans youth.

Trans activists are erasing feminism, we can coexist but women fought long and hard for their spaces and opportunities and identity. We need dialogue to find a way to coexist, we all need better allies. Trans activists are taking away parent’s rights. Parents cannot protect their children from these radical ideologies and can lose custody for trying to stop them. Trans activists are even taking away trans identity itself. Trans fem non-binary is not the same thing as an individual who went through cross-sex procedures. Do I believe that there is a spectrum of gender? No, I believe that there is a spectrum of mental disorders. Gender dysphoria is a debilitating dysmorphic disorder. You are not suffering from a deformity, you are not entitled to augmentation. The reaction that the Woke Taliban, LGBT, had to Trump taking away that privilege was ridiculous. He didn’t take away Trans rights. He took away Trans privilege. He’s going to take away gay privileges soon also, I hope! That means that we won’t be able to use the government to force people to go against their religious principals. It’s sucks but it’s better this way so we know where to spend our dollar.

Okay, I had no idea that my entry was going to turn into this postmodern definition of “hate speech”. LGBT seems to have become self-righteous vigilantes also, they believe that were the front of every social justice movement. This means that if they are involved in any form of activism, they believe that they are on the moral high ground and honestly believe that their issues shouldn’t even be up for debate. It was a weird moment when trans activists tried to undermine BLM that one time. They… we seem to be taking away everybody’s narrative and replacing it with something all about us. There has to be a balance here. LGBT has gone unchallenged for so long and I know that I’m not the only “Q-POC” against our current gay agenda. Whatever that even is.

Anyway, My niece wants me to play at the park and it’s hard to say no.

Chaz September 15, 2020

Jordan Peterson’s book started off so good with the hierarchies of lobsters. It just kept getting progressively harder to follow to the point where I kinda gave up on it.

I wanted to get Candace Owens book, but she’s getting annoying with her Cardi B beef. She won’t let it go. Her acting so immature really turned me off. Idk if you follower her on Instagram or not but it’s kinda cringe in my opinion.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ September 15, 2020

I think that is where I am at with JP. Yes, I follow Candace but I don't keep up with her on IG. This is a culture war, she's essentially pandering to Cardi' millions to get them introduced to facts they've never heard of. I live for it lol. I follow Candace on other platforms. Not religiously but I understand what she is doing here, going after Hollywood and making herself known to make her message known. She's always done this but Cardi opened her up to a bigger audience. lol

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