Bloody Hell in Reconstruction

  • Sept. 14, 2020, 7:24 a.m.
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My body hurts so much that putting my shirt on irritated my skin.
But this is Jury Trial Week and we need all hands on deck.
Frankly, if Nancy were around to crack my back- that would be a small, but welcome, help.
Hell, this is one of those rare times where… just having her next to me in bed would be helpful for my body/mind considering everything.
Because my body is broken. My mind is stressed. My soul is depressed. And the work waits.
5 Hearings Tuesday
17 Hearings Thursday
2 Trials on Thursday, including one that is considered by the county to be “of particular importance”
10 Hearings on Monday 21st
14 Hearings on Tuesday 22nd
25 Hearings on Thursday 24
8 Trials on Thursday 24; ALL of which are considered “of particular importance”
41 Hearings on October 1 AND I’m the only one available to try a Jury Trial on that day and there are 45 that are presently scheduled for then.
So that is my work next 17 days.
This doesn’t even include tidbits like… we are now averaging 4 sexual assault (rape) cases per week all coming from the town where I live. Nor does it include the fact that in the span of 1 month; I have now had 2 of those defendants kill themselves. And still....
My body is shatteringly broken. I had to fight crying on the drive to work and I still don’t know where that came from. I am incredibly exhausted and the work week has only just begun.

One more mile ‘til I lay rest
I have put myself through this rigid test
But the mile has never ended, no distance has been gained
I do not see greatness I wanted to obtain
Where is my embrace from the race that I have run?
I have kept a steady pace but still I have not won

hippiechica15 5 days ago

Hang in there <3

Always Laughing 5 days ago

Hope you can hang in there

girl in recession 5 days ago

I don't know how you do it.

ODSago 5 days ago

My son in law enforcement, a deputy sergeant managing 20 young deputies has had the same sort of response to the actual gore he's seen in his almost 20 years of responding to calls...blessings on you both. A sort of PTSD that is not mentioned enough.

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