I Must Be Bored in meh...

  • Sept. 12, 2020, 6:18 p.m.
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…which would contradict what I wrote in my last entry. That I need boring.

Nah. I’m not bored. I am agitated because I caved. Daughter wants to go to karaoke. I’d rather watch the boys than she leave them home alone. Bubby Sr is 9yo. He thinks he’s a big boy that can be left alone with his brother, who is 3yo, but that’s not true. I asked him what h would he do if something dangerous happened. He didn’t have a good answer. In the times we live in, it’s important that kids don’t grow up so fast.

I just have so many concerns, but I pray about it. I pray for a house and the means to keep it. Part of it is about my peace of mind. The other part us about my grandkids.

I ordered pizza, cheese garlic bread, and a salad. The salad and bread is for me. I ordered this only because I’m not in the mood to go anywhere really. All I really wanted to do was chill and ever since my daughter called me, my chill has been interrupted. I don’t like that. It’s better I watch them than the alternative.

I just finished twisting my hair, I’m dressed and waiting for dinner to arrive.

Just the thought of watching them is exhausting.

Oh well… God keep everyone involved protected. Thank you…

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