Alt-Left Extremists in Current Events

  • Sept. 12, 2020, 12:20 a.m.
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I’m a little flustered. Trudeau is trying to make us require a license to create content in Canada. Our freedom of speech is soon going to be void. My government wants complete control of the narratives. Liberals dominate mainstream media and pop culture. Conservatives dominate social media. When CNN tells a lie, conservatives can reach more with the truth. Social media was overlooked in 2016 and that cost the Dems their election. They’re struggling to keep their fake narratives because people keep exposing the truth. Click Here to See Censored Content. That content is just content that goes against leftist narratives. The left in the states wants to regulate Social Media companies to protect people from such lies and conspiracies. Even Germany is spreading propaganda about the desperate need to control social media from the lies and misinformation and bullies… because opposing views is hate speech and bullying to leftists and they believe that they have the privilege to not have to hear it. It’s frustrating that nobody in my life keeps up with politics. We are losing our freedoms here. I don’t know if this bill will pass but he shut down parliament so nobody can hold him accountable while he, with a minority government, keeps spending spending spending. Oh! And stealing. Lest we forget that he shut down parliament the day he got caught stealing money. His buyback program for our guns flopped. This infringement on our freedom of speech better flop also. He just spent 200 million toward black entrepreneurs. That was obvious race-baiting, he wanted us all to freak out so he could claim that Canada has an “alt-right” problem. So far, that flopped because Canadians are just not racist like that. He already bowed to the neo-Marxist BLM group. If that wasn’t a national embarrassment enough he had to call Canada racist. Then he overtly lied about ANTIFA tearing down a statue. We all saw what happened and it was reported correctly and then he says, in French, that it was an alt-right extremist group. That was separatist baiting. He’s trying so hard to be divisive and it isn’t working. Probably because of the pesky social media problem where our narratives aren’t taken away from us, yet. Thou shalt feel oppressed and go fight the patriarchy so you will all hand over your liberties to me in desperation for things to be stable again and then my communist Government can reign supreme.

Literally, the left is gaslighting and projecting every evil that they are on conservatives. They call us all alt-right. Well, these radicals have changed the political landscape pretty drastically here. The conservative consciousness grew to accommodate the political refugees. Not that the left will allow anyone to see representation. These leftists are so brainwashed. Call anything a conspiracy and they won’t bother looking for the truth. Just call something racist and they will accept it as a legitimate argument. Just say alt-right and they will immediately feel that they’re on some moral high ground when they’re not. You can replace one with another and they will just say the same things. The one thing that should have brought us all together was the #SaveTheChildren. But nope! Netflix pumps out a movie in which 11 year-old-girls are literally popping their p-word on the ground and twerking on men. Conservatives call that pedophilia and liberals call us alt-right scandal-mongers in response because the film is somehow about rising up against the patriarchy. The patriarchy is so in right now, even the UN is pushing that narrative. Yes! Pound that narrative in me says the covert narcissist left. The UN said that the real pandemic is the patriarchy, aka men. I thought that was a satire! But nope. Inclusion was so last year, it’s all about the patriarchy now. Speaking of equality, California, in the name of equality, is letting grown men sleep with underaged male minors without putting them directly on a sex offender registry. Cali is also chemically castrating little kids in the name of trans-inclusion. The left is despicable. The alt-left that is. Current liberals, who aren’t dumb, are politically homeless. They don’t recognize their side of the aisle anymore. We need liberals! I can’t stress that enough. I don’t hate liberals. I hate leftists. Liberals make sure everyone is counted. They tear down systems that don’t work. Then conservatives clean it up. There is going to be so much to clean up after the leftist problem is over. Classic subversion, leftists will be the ones that the government gets rid of when the time comes to restabilize again. Come November, the tone will be set. We will see where our governments are going to go and if Conservatives will win the culture war. We better win the culture war. This cult, this woke Taliban or this church of woke is literally insane. It’s covert narcissism on a mass scale. They’re an ooze that is currently eating itself. Blah. ok, I vented enough to be able to fall asleep now.

Oh! Candace Owens did a Q&A on her IG for her new followers. She owned Cardi B in an online fight and gained a huge following in response to the truth-bombs she threw around. I finally got to hear her answer to if she is going to run for POTUS in 2024. She said no, if she ever feels that the job needs her she will. That time better be when AOC runs for POTUS. The left is one charismatic leader away from becoming full Nazis. AOC isn’t not old enough. If they bring back radicalized identity politics to make AOC look like a freedom fighter Candace Owens would undermine that. I would pay to watch those two debate. That’s my opinion on that. Cardi called Candace a traitor to her race for marrying a white man. First of all, Cardi is Dominican and Trinidadian. Serena Williams is married to a white man, who owns Reddit and if Mark Zuckerberg called Serena’s husband a traitor for the same reason? We would be cancelling Facebook. But nope, leftist privilege.

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