You Rang... in Him

  • Sept. 11, 2020, 10:09 a.m.
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It’s funny that you called yesterday. Well actually, after you said that, I was like “You just liked two rather emotional tweets. That could have been the ‘something that told you to call.’” It wasn’t rocket science. LOL

When I was making my way home yesterday, I was practically just driving around aimlessly. I went to a store, linked with a friend briefly, then debated if I would buy dinner or just cook when I got home. I was just driving. I saw a baseball game and thought of you. Imagined a scenario where I said “Oh look a game.” You turned your head to me, “You want to see the game? Let’s go see the game.” I was in need of a connection. I wanted a connection. Probably should have been praying to connect to that HIM, but I didn’t. I wanted you, needed you in that moment. Then, in true me fashion, I started making jokes to myself about me needing to find a boyfriend. Not lonely just need certain things when I’m in a mood. Certain hugs and assurances.

So, thanks for calling. I love you, too…

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