I Knew It Would Happen in These Foolish Things

  • Sept. 10, 2020, 10:45 a.m.
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So…I knew this would happen.

I was furloughed for nine weeks due to Covid, right? And then I was called back to work.

Great! We all said. Now I have my job back and everything is hunky dory, right?

But the thing is, absolutely NOTHING was done during that nine weeks, so we lost nine weeks of my work. And now, what? People are freaking out because they are not getting their product? The stuff is late?? By nine weeks???

Surprise, surprise. Nobody remembers that they LAID ME OFF. Nobody remembers that NO ONE did my job for nine weeks so everything just sat like it was frozen in time. And now the time has come when everything I promised back at the end of February (at the sales meeting and trade show) would come to fruition. That’s the date everyone has in their heads because that’s what was written down. But my absence was not even noticed, so of course everything should be running smoothly now, right? We are an essential business, so we kept our motors running, right?

I love my job. That was sarcastic, but I am still very thankful that I have a job right now, I promise. It’s just not so simple anymore. It never was, but now moreso than ever.

I have much, much more to say, but I just wanted to get this out instead of letting it fester inside of me like it has for a couple of days.

Thanks for listening,

girl in recession September 10, 2020

That is massively frustrating, I'm sorry you're having to deal with it!

Elaine Benes September 10, 2020

Yeah that’s bullshit. I would be responding to every comment about timelines and deadlines with “Would have loved to be delivering your product right now but I was furloughed for 9 weeks!”

takeandrun Elaine Benes ⋅ September 10, 2020

YES. I'd do the same.

pandora September 10, 2020

SO frustrating!!

Complicated Disaster September 10, 2020

That sounds all too familiar *hugs* xx

The Thirsty Oriental September 10, 2020

Ugh. I’d be so pissed.

hoki September 10, 2020

That sucks. :(

WhatDreamsMayCome September 10, 2020

I have learned the most valuable lesson of just listening...
... so, you're welcome.

bobbi01 September 10, 2020

Such typical behavior from your boss. Ugh.

Gangleri September 10, 2020

Sounds like it’s time to remind everyone about your furlough, and frequently.

Marg September 11, 2020

The company should surely have put something out to customers to explain what was happening and how it would affect them. But not surprising knowing your boss!

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ September 11, 2020

Nope. Not a surprise at all. Just frustrating. And it's giving me a bigger push.

Jinn September 15, 2020

So sorry. It’s really not fair.

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