First Real Life TDS Encounter in Current Events

  • Sept. 10, 2020, 12:29 a.m.
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Liberal Privilege
1) Believing you have the right to control other peoples lives
2) Believing you have the right to never hear other opinions
3) Believing that when you’re offended others have to care
4) Believing that there are two sets of rules: one for you and one for everyone else

I have to recite that to myself after I deal with an unhinged liberal. This is covert narcissism on a mass scale. My interactions with them are never in private, I know better. They don’t have any cerebral constitution. I could replace one with another and they will just say the same things. My interactions are meant to sway the people watching the interaction. These covert narcissists, leftists, are just trying to use their victim and virtue signalling for narcissist supply. Pout for clout. Click Here to See a Study That Explains These Sociopaths. Today, I had my first real-life encounter with someone who has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Bev’s mother and I were talking about current events. She expressed what most white people express to me. The frustrating double standard when it comes to racism and the abutment hypocrisy that comes with it. One I used to maintain if I’m being honest, the double standard I mean. (I used to believe that it wasn’t racist if you were “punching up”.) She expressed her policy prescriptions and beliefs and values and I told her that those were very conservative. Privilege comes from choice. It was going well until I explained how that exists in a lot of Trump’s policies and in his platform. I offered to show her the datapoints but she told me that she doesn’t need to see them because they’re all lies… then told me to go live in America. She was absolutely visceral and acting like I was trying to convert her when I was honestly civilized. Like, we’re grown folk and I don’t have to leave my country to respect the POTUS. The world is safest when America is strong, that is a fact that I will always respect especially right now while we’re all in a communist trial. Like, he just got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to the Mideast. Will a leftist care about peace in the Mideast? No, they only care about Trump. They need him for supply, they need him to amplify their own pain to justify why the world is so cruel to them. I am entitled to my opinion she said after I asked why she didn’t want to see high signal, low noise information that is perfectly representative of reality. I’m a libertarian first and so I agree that she has the right to be wrong. It’s just insane that a person would rather cleave to logic that they can’t even represent. The fundamental belief causing this cognitive dissonance I suspect is that they honestly believe that they are morally superior. I remember feeling the same way before I stopped believing in such contrasts, like good and evil. Anyway, the moments after that were awkward. She had a complete neurological event of some kind. Couldn’t speak or even move. I broke her. What I sensed was that she just didn’t know how to save face after that. Eventually, Andrew showed up and we went out for a bite.

I am getting the hang of saving my sources because I seem to always have to prove my point. Something the left never feels like they have to do because they’re so morally right that nothing should even be up for debate. This is them trying to call my bluff, essentially. I deliver and it might as well be blank. There also seems to be an issue with getting information from outside mainstream media. They call it Facebook university. They fail to realize that there is next to no conservative content out there in the mainstream. The pundits and journalists that I defer my sensemaking and data collecting to are those on the right, currently. Everyone on the left is just participating in some propaganda system and it’s absolutely terrifying. Anyway, conservatives mainly only have platforms on social media, barely. They can’t get monetized because they have radicalized beliefs about things like there only being two genders and that socialism does not work. Sacha Baron Cohen just went on a moral ultimatum where he passionately explained that the government needs to be allowed to regulate content on social media to protect people from conspiracies and lies. aka, conservative content aka voter suppression. It’s not truther territory here to see that the Dems want complete control over information because they overlooked social media in 2016. Gen Z and Millenials aren’t exactly watching CNN.

Chaz September 10, 2020

Leftist don’t seem to mind the government abusing their power when it’s being done to force an ideology that they support.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ September 10, 2020

If they understood how subversion works, they would understand that when the time comes to normalize and stabilize things again this government will turn around and get rid of leftism for good. They're literally digging their own graves.

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