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  • Sept. 8, 2020, 10:55 a.m.
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I think that I will have to skip the march portion of the protest. I’ll aim to meet at the legislative building instead. The whole leave car and bus back situation was becoming dreadful. We’re still following CDC guidelines but this is just a peaceful protest against these lockdowns. I’ve been called every name you can think of because the virtue signallers think that I’m living in some alternate reality. They have a fundamental belief that they are so moral and virtuous that if you don’t agree with them that makes you an instant supervillain. They’re sheeple and I’m willing to be the bad guy in their made-up hero story. Everything about life is a trade-off. We can reduce all speed limits to 10km and that will absolutely save thousands of lives but we do not do that because we understand that huge risks are taken to keep a society functioning. That’s just the truth and the reality of life. 25 million Nigerians already had food insecurity and we shut down their food supply so that these virtue signallers can feel all warm and gooey about saving lives. The Do Not Harm policy between doctor and patient does not work in a government. Especially in a country my size. The CDC quietly updated the death counts in the US and showed that only 6% were directly from COVID. Less than 10 000. Canada’s death count does not break it down like that at all. All this virus did was show us who the real enemy is. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory diseases. This is what I was called a conspiracy theorist for. Health and wellness should be the new normal because those who were at risk had these underlying conditions. They got their due, to put it bluntly. The leading cause of each is poor nutrition. I think this fact made people insecure so they lashed out at me. Victim mentalities do not believe that their lives are responding to their choices. Of course, facts don’t mean anything to these virtue signallers. This is a blank page and their cognitive dissonance is going to make them visceral toward me, not at facts but at me. Again, they’re living in a made-up hero story and so I’m an instant bad guy for having differences of opinion.

The PCR tests were discovered to be going through an additional 5-10 amplification cycles which results in them detecting dead, inactive and clinically insignificant viral loads rendering a positive test result that would otherwise be negative. 90% of all positive COVID cases are estimated to be negative. It’s not death counts, hospital bed capacities or ventilator access that we are using to justify lockdowns around the world but COVID case counts and 90% of them… are reported to be negative. It was also discovered that a minimum of 38% of us have adaptive T-cells which give us immunity to this strand of COVID. According to a study that was testing the virus against blood samples. We have a built-in herded immunity of 38% but that .34% death rate is too terrifying for these virtue/victim signallers. I could make a COVID joke right now but there is a 99.36% chance that you won’t get it.

Our liberties are in the in-between for us to reclaim or for the government to take. It blows my mind that people cannot understand that this flex of government power can be permanent. My prime minister ordered enough syringes for each Canadian. A mandatory vaccine is coming that targets RNA. My government is about to regulate my own DNA? I will protest that too. I can get immunity the natural way, this virus is not a threat to me. That’s what a lockdown is. We lockdown and wait for a vaccine. I don’t want a vaccine. Liberals are about to give away all our liberties permanently because they make their decisions emotion-based.

Speaking of emotion-base. White people need to stop. They need to stay out of it. “Minorities” need to heal themselves and white people need to stop taking away their narrative. White guilt, I don’t get it but people of colour do not need it. To believe that you are privileged because of your skin colour is white supremacy right there. I can’t agree to believe in white privilege without agreeing to believe that I am not an equal. I don’t agree to believe that I am not equal yet that somehow makes me a disgrace. I am so disturbed that the UN posted yesterday that the patriarchy of men is the real pandemic and each country needs to strive for equality. Any intellectual worth their salt knows that equality does not exist. It cannot be legislated. This is a farce. This is divisive. Democracy was designed for unequal people to help each other through competition and perfectionism. What keeps us “minorities” down is a victim mentality which is impossible to push through when virtue signallers keep hijacking our narratives. Not everybody failing is a victim. Not everybody at the bottom truly wants to rise. The revolution that needs to happen cannot be televised it can only be internalized. Personal responsibility is what we are failing to develop down here at the bottom of the “patriarchy”. Also! Us “minority groups” need to stop gaslighting white people! This is covert narcissism. I wish that we understood what neo-Marxism is so that we could all just come together and see that these racial tensions are being forced. The BLM leader said herself on the record that they are trained Marxists. That, of course, means nothing to the virtue signallers but if we were able to process a fact once in a while we would know to tap out of this narrative and movement immediately. I stand with black people, not the BLM. I stand with white people, not the KKK.

I could have been nicer in this entry but it’s hard because I was forced to sacrifice my livelihood, my savings, my retirement and these virtue signallers keep demanding that I and people like me sacrifice even more for them. They want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and play the good guy in their made-up hero story. We didn’t save the world. We didn’t save anyone.

Chaz September 08, 2020

We’ve spent the last 6 months catering towards the weak and scared. So many sacrifices have been made for them. After six months it’s time for the vulnerable to take responsibility for their own health and do what’s best for their own well-being without making demands from people who have already given up their mental health and livelihoods to try and appease them.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ September 08, 2020

We call this Liberal Privilege
1) Believing you have the right to control other people's lives
2) Believing you have the right to never hear other opinions
3) Believing that when you're offended others have to care
4) Believing that there are two sets of rules: One for you and one for everyone else

You and I are somehow the selfish ones in all of this.

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