War on Health in Current Events

  • Sept. 7, 2020, 8:07 p.m.
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I am a little flustered. We are all aware that there are algorithms in place that are weighted in various directions right? That’s not tinfoil hat territory, you can test it out yourself. I particularly see it every time that I need to source a political opinion (because liberals have the leftist privilege of never having to justify their opinions) but that’s not why I am flustered. It’s been a long while since I had to look for anything health or diet-related and I was just called a conspiracy theorist for mentioning that there is a link between prominent diseases and nutrition. I am not flustered about being called a name I am flustered because I had no idea that it was going to be a fucking challenge to get proof that bad nutrition causes disease on Google. Just links and links of people talking about it and what their opinions are and then passing it off as facts. So where are the facts?! Where are the studies?! Where is the high signal low noise information?! I guess in the last four years bad health choices suddenly became a myth and poor nutrition causes no harm? What the actual fuck?

It makes sense when a doctor or scientist is on a daytime show and they start talking about something like… how cheese can increase your risk of getting breast cancer by up to 80% and the host will rebuttal with a “well in moderation it is healthy” as they cut to commercial break where it’s all dairy commercials. Those commercials pay their bills but Google? Research by corporate is always going to favour corporate, duh. IE: There is no evidence to suggest that cows milk makes your body leak calcium says research done by the dairy industry. Independent studies say otherwise but nobody wants to fund that research or bring those to light. Like, imagine battling breast cancer and not being aware that every time you eat cheese it’s like you just poured gasoline on a fire. I would be outraged if somebody I knew died of breast cancer and didn’t know that eating cheese was the equivalent of a lung cancer patient smoking while getting chemo treatments. Anyway, I did not have this problem before. Or I didn’t notice before? I was only trying to find a study that explained what an alkaline body does and all I got were opinions about it instead. One pretended to have a link to the laboratory research that debunked it but it only led me to the definition of a laboratory. I don’t even want to think about what my course for human nutritional sciences is going to look like. One of my spirit guides said that the next war will be on our health. On fake food? I can’t remember. Maybe this is just confirmation bias here but I wanted to rant about it anyway.

Speaking of predictions, mine is that Biden will win a week after Trump does via mail-in ballots or the Supreme Court will have to pick between the two because of the mail-in ballots and will pick Biden but other than that obvious prediction the next big issue will be vaccines which will then trigger a new pro-life vs pro-choice movement. Many many vaccines require stemcells that are sourced from aborted babies. Biotech companies purchase organs from aborted babies, that is a fact. Where those babies come from I do not know. However, Kamala Harris was involved in having a journalist’s house being raided who went undercover at planned parenthood and recorded what they were doing. The journalist did not acquire the footage legally and was found guilty of something or other but an abortionist from that clinic did vindicate the footage and the evidence. He explained that misoprostol is used to induce labour and in late-term abortions, this results in a baby being born alive. By law, digoxin is injected into the baby to stop the heart but if biotech orders a beating heart or a liver the digoxin will contaminate the organ so that step is skipped. The baby, which is most likely torn to pieces at this point, is then dissected alive without any anesthetics and Voila! Something like a TWINRIX vaccine is ready to be developed. This is an industry and nobody talks about it. Fun fact: Kamala Harris stopped the senate twice from trying to give babies that survive abortions access to healthcare. I don’t eat animals or their squirts so why the hell would I want a vaccine that was sourced from a baby? Especially when that baby is dissected alive. This is a terrible terrible evil thing about the world that I wish I didn’t know.

Ok. If you made it this far I’m sorry for the random abortion thing. It’s been keeping me up at night. I can’t even look at my nephew laugh and scream in excitement because I immediately picture babies on a slab who will never get to laugh or scream in excitement. He’s 13 months old and I tried to debate choice with pro-lifers and their arguments and data points are always better than mine. I no longer agree to believe that abortion is a victimless procedure. I’m not actively trying to remove choice I just want people to choose life. Michelle Williams accepted an award this year and said that she would not have had her career or success had she not had an abortion. Well, you would also not have that career or success had your mother got an abortion #MakeItMakeSense. So what she did was tell little girls that they will never have big careers or high success if they have a baby. Thank god nobody said that to my mother who had me when I was 17. People tried coercing her into it but she understood that I had my own body. Not that I want to shame a person who ever had one, there are plenty of people in my life who have had one I just don’t agree to believe that a woman is more vulnerable and defenceless than a baby and I don’ agree to believe that I have to have a uterus to talk about this. I will speak for the ones who cannot and if it adds value in any way then great but if it doesn’t that’s fine too. I’m not going to think less of a person here. I’m only thinking about the baby and nothing else. Side note, we know I like a full-bodied opinion and I do try to stimulate nuanced dialogue with people on both sides of the aisle or on both sides of an issue because I believe that we should all have room for disagreement in our lives but I had an image of pro-lifers as unhinged bible thumpers and I was so wrong. Aaaaaand now that I’ve lost the last little bit of respect that I had from my regular support on here I should call it a night. Ta

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