Realness in Current Events

  • Sept. 7, 2020, 10:17 a.m.
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I poured myself some liquid courage and I started to create my action plan. I do want to keep this to myself for as long as possible, thank god my reception sucked because I already tried calling somebody about it. I am going to confirm the balance on my car on Tuesday and then decide from there if it is worth keeping or selling. I’ll likely sell either way. It is a 26-hour drive if I decide to make this a road trip. All the shortest routes require me to cut through the states and I am just not doing that. I do believe that I do not require a passport, my Indian status and all that but yeah. There are only flights to Toronto and the cheapest flight I can find is on Oct 2nd… I can’t wait that long. I am literally arriving there with next to nothing. Some clothes, hygiene products and some kitchen supplies. I have to sell all of my stuff virtually. My paintings I will only sell to my friends. If I bother. I am posting everything up tomorrow. The balance in my bank account is only getting smaller after all. This is all starting to feel real. crazy insane but it just feels right. The only thing is that I checked out the apartment I am living in and we’re talking inner-city realness. That feels backwards for me but I grew up in that. I can manage? I’m basically a stone throw away from the American border though. I do want to immigrate there, legally, but that’s way in the future. Ok. My friend just showed up we’re going for a walk. Blah

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