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  • Aug. 31, 2020, 12:43 a.m.
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I don’t know why it hits differently that my own mother is trying to get me to be silent. After decades of trying to be the quietest voice in the room… I know that she doesn’t like my politics, nobody likes my politics, I have the completely wrong politics for a Q-POC (queer person of colour). I relate to people by what they think and not by what they look like. Talking with conservatives would blow your minds, we don’t talk about our identities at all. MLK realness.

I am working on my nerve and I only returned to social media to get political. She knows that, my mother. I showed, with receipts, that the CDC quietly changed the numbers of COVID deaths which reveals that there are less than 10, 000 deaths from COVID. This set her off and she is trying to call it fake news. I’m going easy on her because she is my mother but she is dead wrong. The numbers were inflated because they were counting deaths with COVID and those deaths are what MSM (mainstream media) is reporting. Those deaths are what governments are using to give themselves omnipotent power over their citizens. 40 000 people in Germany protested these lockdowns and their government is slowly caving as they should. Governments are not meant to be this big and powerful in a democracy. New Zealand went into full communist law after four cases of COVID. Anyway, in Germany, their police have been told to stand down. That’s a win for Germany. Masks have been set as conditions for entry in almost all stores in my city. I comply but this is all insane. A few of the stores in my city were burned down actually. Oddly, the news is quiet about that. Anyway, 500+ German scientists blew the whistle that these lockdowns are not necessary and that they are deeply concerned because it is clear that this is being highly politicized all over the world. I don’t know what the truth is, I just know what the lie is. If we returned to our lives and never spoke about a flu virus nobody would notice anything different as more people had died from the regular flu. The truthers are saying this is Agenda 21 but I am staying out of truther territory. It’s just so scary and insane to see blatant propaganda in the media. Then people eating it up. Something big is happening and these virtue signallers are giving away our liberties to feel warm and cozy about doing the right thing.

It is still deeply concerning, terrifying even that I cannot get people to see facts. To see that they’re wrong. They’re so brainwashed. How did this happen? I had that groupthink. I can’t believe how naive I was. I was recently called a holocaust denier here on PB. I am so confused, Nazi Germany? My best friend just buried her grandfather who, as a kid, watched his Jewish grandparents get buried alive for having too much economic privilege. Is this insane deranged woman that called me a holocaust denier implying that I can’t see how Trump is Hitler? One only needs to go to to see who the real villain is. He is the man of the party that keeps calling for more action from these obviously well funded “protestors” (who has time and funds to protest for three months?) as these democrat cities burn. If only they had something like a second amendment that allowed them to form citizen militias to protect themselves from such obvious government tyranny. Oh wait, they do and so they painted Kyle Rittenhouse, a Hispanic, as a white supremacist to make people feel good about giving up their right to bear arms the same way they gave up their freedom of speech for political correctness.

The Nazis raised their hands in solidarity, they controlled information (fact-check), they created propaganda (fake news) and they burned, looted and murdered for social justice too. The only thing that the left doesn’t have that the socialist party of Germany (Nazis) had is a charismatic leader to tug at their heartstrings. That is because she is not old enough to run until 2024. AOC. That is my prediction. She is being groomed for POTUS. In this crazy insane world of emotion-based voting around radicalized identity politics, it will take a Candace Owens to beat AOC if she does run in 2024. That thing needs to stay out of the oval office (AOC). Anyway, the leader of BLM said that they are trained Marxists. That is a fact. BLM raised 50 million through an LLC structure when they’re not a 501 (c) organization (non-profit) so where did that money go? Not to black people, that’s for damn sure. This is a textbook communist uprising and it is going to fail in America if Trump is elected. Bet my bottom dollar that the Dems only want this mail-in voting to get Trump impeached again by framing him, again.... ugh, how much of the history I lived through was propaganda? That haunts me.

Ugh, Biden just denounced the protests, he will stop funding them and they will disperse and he and the media will claim him to be the hero the same way that they are all saying that Trump is the villain. Nobody will have jobs to go back to, a bill is being passed that will not allow these neo-Marxist terrorists to get stimulus or unemployment benefits. That will be more fuel to make Trump look bad as everybody seem to believe that these are still peaceful protests and not funded terrorist groups. Tell you what though, black support went up 26% after the second night of the RNC. If Candace Owens BleXit movement comes through this will change the political landscape for decades. The Democrats will lose their iron grip on the black vote. Her book comes out in a couple of weeks. Maybe that will be just in time to make this happen. She’s pregnant just when we need her the most. Bless her though. The Dems are celebrating poll ratings right now that are smaller than Hilary Clintons were in 2016. Ratings that have stagnated while Trump’s is rising, without the silent majority. The Trump bump was nine points I believe? After the third night. The Dems didn’t count the views online when they prematurely celebrated their ratings. Trump supporters are not all Boomers, internet ratings beat them by… 10 million? The fact that a huge chunk of Trump supporters is Gen X & Millennials is why nobody saw him winning the 2016 election. They overlooked social media. His Twitter. They had control over information from the news. This is why there is suddenly so much censorship on social media.

It’s so disturbing that we have ANTIFA here in Canada, they just pulled down a statue in Montreal. The police are not defunded there, how did they let that happen? It was clearly a production. Communism is the real China Virus in Canada. That reminds me, I have to check out Ezra’s new book.

I am really feeling like I’ve outgrown my life in Winnipeg. Honestly, I just want to leave and not say goodbye to anybody. I have no obligations to anyone, except Bev but we’re g. Of course, this could be a false feeling. Maybe I am just wanting to run away from something? I feel better ranting about this junk. I don’t have an audience anywhere really lol. Nobody interacts much on my socials. They can’t, they’ll get cancelled. The degenerate Josh Cade just doxed someone who has a business because they are on the #FreeKyle bandwagon. What a loser Josh is. I debate his friends on his posts and I think the only reason he hasn’t tried doxing me and blocking me is that he probably wants to sleep with me someday. Not going to happen. Anyway, I’m just developing my skills here for something bigger and better. I’m keeping my plans to myself though. Anyway, ta

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