Terrorists Gonna Terror in Current Events

  • Aug. 29, 2020, 5:06 a.m.
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Just as predicted Jenson rejected this data about black on black crime. He challenged his friendslist to change his mind about black on black crime being a myth so I sent him: This Link Right Here. His original response was to Google it. What a tedious thing it is, to get a fact from Google. The algorithms are weighted so left that it should be criminal. Anyway, that link shows that in 2013, 2245 of the 2491 black homicides were done by offenders of the same race, as most races are. He said that my thinking was limited because this is so much bigger. He shifted the goal post to tell me that it is undeniable that the police disproportionately target and murder black people. Well, Jenson. That is perfectly deniable. How many people die from police, not resisting arrest? .1% and unarmed does not mean safe. It is also perfectly deniable because in the same data that I sent him it is clear that a demographic that makes up 13% of a population of 400 million, they have the second-highest homicide rate. I do agree that this is so much bigger but it is not orange-guy bad. It is father absence and high illiteracy rates. The single motherhood rate is 74% in black America. Without a father, in the home, a kid is 4x more likely to drop out of school. 9x more likely to join a gang and live in poverty. The single motherhood rate was 20% in the 60s, which was high for that time but what changed? Democrats gave them social welfare which happens to penalize a mother from marrying the father of her children. The government replaced the family. There are so many other factors here but what poor communities need is jobs, not mobs. They were just given everything they needed to get their best start and the Mainstream Media does not talk about Trump’s merits but he did everything for that community that the Democrats wouldn’t that they always promised and black America did notice. Opportunity zones, prison reform, school choice. Lowest unemployment and millions were off food stamps. All of which is being erased by BLM and ANTIFA. Black support for Trump went up 26% after the RNC. Candace Owens Blexit movement is what America needs, not Biden who is calling for more action from BLM and ANTIFA.

Speaking of BLM, 50 million was raised after George Floyd died under an LLC structure when they are not a 501 (c) organization so where did that money go? There is no leader, no offices, no employees and no one to get answers from. This is scary stuff. This is what you would expect ISIS finances to look like. This is a funded terrorist group. Who has the time, funds and patience to riot for months on end? With bricks and Molotov cocktails readily available? BLM was not put together by black people, not funded by black people and the money does not go to black people. You can trace that money to ACT BLUE and it goes straight to white Democrats.

The forefathers put together the second amendment so that citizens could protect themselves from government tyranny with arms and militias. That is where Kyle Rittenhouse comes in. He had the right to bear arms and to be in a militia. Click This Link Here to see footage that Kyle did not fire the first shot. He is being used as political rhetoric. These riots caused 32 deaths, two finally happened to rioters and now guns and militias will be what the government takes next. This is a Marxist agenda. Disarm citizens, replace family, school and God. To make the government bigger than the people. But all people want to do is tell me that I’m in some echo-chamber because I can’t see that Trump is Hitler? Nazis raised their hands in solidarity, Nazis controlled information (fact-checkers), Nazis used propaganda (fake news), Nazis burned, looted and murdered for social justice (Jews were too privileged) and Germany at that time also had a silent majority.

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