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  • Aug. 26, 2020, 4:12 p.m.
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Today is the birthday of my daughter.
We started arguing over text messages last night because she is who she is. It picked back up this morning because she wanted speak her piece and she wanted me to kiss her ass and tell her happy birthday. I’m so in a fuck your birthday type mood right now it’s ridiculous. I forwarded a message from my sister in law, wishing her a happy birthday since she doesn’t respond to people and they think her number doesn’t work. “So texts from everyone else? Except you?” I was about to say Fuck your birthday, but I declined.
I’ve sacrificed my rest, getting home after 11. Watching your kids, a damn dog you don’t need, feeding them, buying you toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags, dish detergent, AND washing your dishes and buying bones for your dog to chew on, Fuck your birthday. AND I orchestrate your son’s school affairs because you don’t take the time to do it and I use my stressful, 30 min. lunch time to go to his school to pick up food for him. Fuck. Your. Birth.Day.

That’s all I have on that.

I consider myself the gate keeper at work. If it has to do with a phone call, email or in person visit to this building, I get it all. I get all the calls for the main line and am the first person to pick up the ticket line, mostly the only person picking up the ticket line. Any deliveries made, they stop in the lobby with me.

So I get a call from a courier that he needs to get a delivery in and the gate is locked, what should he do. I told him that I would come open the gate for him. As I exited one of the Membership people was out there and she opened the gate. Fine. This was for her team anyway. So he has many boxes of our latest bulletin shrink wrapped and on a pallet. Okay. Everyone that needs to know knows they are here. They start to take them in, with the stash being held outside the door. It’s no problem. The pallet was too wide, so that’s where it is. In comes a person who hasn’t been here since about 10:30a, comes in after the first batch of boxes has been transported upstairs. She walks in, walks to my window, “Did you know these bulletins were out here?” That was a dumb ass question. That was a very dumb ass question. How, pray tell, would I not see someone dropping off boxes in FRONT of the lobby door? How Sway?? I told her they are being taken care of. This is also the person who waited in the hall, outside of a TWO STALLED restroom because she walked in and said, “Hello? Is someone in here?” and I said, “It’s another girl, you can come in.” To which she said, “Oh I’m sorry,” and walked back out. THERE ARE TWO STALLS. So I finish and am at the sink washing my hands when she rushes her weird ass in the bathroom and says, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer.” Your dumb ass didn’t have to wait at all. I proceeded to say she could have come it. There are two stalls.

Head of the volunteer services called me to ask if someone has been coming in over here. I tell him I see her every now and again and ask what’s up? He said he comes to the office on Wednesday to go through the mail and someone sent a check to her and asked if he could bring it over. Sure. I’ve been here. I know how this thing works. This check will not stay with me long. I don’t play that. So. He brings it over. “You know these boxes are out here?” WHY TF WOULD I NOT KNOW THESE BOXES ARE OUT THERE???? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE TAKE ME FOR??? I tell him they are being taken care of. He says it looks like it’s about to rain and he could help. I tell him they got it. So I hold the check for all of 10mins. When the ladies come for the last batch of boxes, I say, “Hey there. This is for_. I’m sure this will come to you guys anyway so can you take this?” They see who it’s for, no sweat. I get an email from him a small time after, saying he got in touch with _ and she said to give the money to someone else who was in that department. I forward that to the person I gave the check to. Y’all are all on the same floor, have at it. I THEN get a call from the little mole looking lady. She looks like a mole. The animal mole. A bit too chatty for me. I try to act right but I’m in a perpetual mood these days. Anyway SHE calls me and says that volunteer guy called about the check. I let her know that I gave it to the person on her team. So go call her. I don’t appreciate this.


I’m running on little sleep. I’m trying to stave off the alcohol so much, but it’s hard. I take shots every night so I can fall asleep faster and still wake up intermittently to pee in the night and it’s hard to fall back to sleep.

My office is humid and gross.


I don’t want to be a mean COVID era person. I don’t want to be this, yet everything in my environment and surroundings is turning me into this.

::insert Charlie Brown scream here::

Kindest regards,

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