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  • Aug. 24, 2020, 5:22 p.m.
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My step aunt passed away on last Thursday. My stepmom says once she lets out a good scream she will be okay. Otherwise, she is processing. Her children are not really good. Cousin Preacha had those people constantly resuscitating her. The Sunday before she passed, we all got together at baby sis house for sis, Tippy’s birthday. We came together to give her the party she never had. Food was great and it was a good time. But on that day, we got word that she was awake and alert. Shortly after that though she had gone down. Stepmom went to see her and commented on how swollen she was. I’m going to say it was from all the juice used to get her heart started again. So, God has used his voice once again.

Stepmom wanted to be surrounded by her children and grandchildren, so she asked for a hotel room to be booked. I guess she needed a change of scenery. They got rooms booked in Chesterfield. I didn’t go out there on the first night, as I had to deal with some shenanigans. On Saturday, I spent my day running errands and being excited that I had money to pay all my bills, and kick out a little extra for other stuff. You don’t know how that feels for a person who doesn’t always have, unless you are a person who doesn’t always have. After I did that, I went to the hotel and hung out with the fam that was there. It was all good. I stayed until around 10p and headed home. I talked to my brother while I was going home.

In the meantime…

School has started back virtually. Daughter has started back to work and this could prove to be a very, very sticky situation. I won’t speak on it, but it’s my daughter. You already know it’s some major, Grade A+ Angus type BS. Grandson has learned to use email and Google Duo, so I’m at his finger tips all the time. I love it, but it gets on my nerves, but I love it because then I can see how he’s doing.

In the meantime…

My son’s phone died while he was out in the country with his friends. They’d been gone all afternoon until 11p. I started getting concerned because I sent him texts and I noticed they were not delivered. That doesn’t happen. Then I sent a message on Messenger. Nothing. I was at the hotel during this time, so when I got home from the hotel, I put my cyber stalking skills to work. Figured out they were doing a camping style trip. So I worried less. I thought they would be spending the night out, and laughing because I know my son does NOT do the great outdoors. But shortly after that, he got a charge on his phone and called me and texted and messaged me back. He said he was on the way back. I thought it was dangerous because it was late and they had like an hour and some change to drive back. Come to find out, they were already in town. They stopped at a TGI Friday’s for eats and thangs when he called. After he explained all of this the next day, I told him that would explain why he walked in the door not very long after our phone call.

…and so it goes. Life continues to roll forward no matter what we have going on…but then again, it always does.

In the meantime, someone said that he has some business up north. Wants to make time for some covid coupling. LMAO… I think this is rude because…Didn’t you just, JUST celebrate your anniversary last weekend? Umhm…His dad was keeping updated on information, but I broke the news to him that stepaunt died. You know. Because that’s his stepaunt too. Yeah. the revelation that both of our stepmothers are sisters did not deter us from this Targaryan type behavior. But we were together before we found that out. We are not blood related and I’m staying with that. I alluded to perhaps being able to give him some of my time, but this goes against everything in my mind right now. I keep at the forefront that even though he excites my blood flow, nothing will come of this and what’s the point of my excited, flowing blood, if it’s my heart bleeding? I can almost promise you that if we got together, I would be so unimpressed with him and it would end. All this Romeo and Juliet stuff has to go. I say that because it’s all the “wanting what you can’t have”-ness of it all. I’ve never been one to linger on this, but he has been the exception for many years now.

In the meantime…

I think M has been calling me at work on and off. Still not knowing what to say to me after she put my daughter out, played her, took her stuff, then left a large tote belonging to my daughter on my doorstep with no note, explanation, nothing. It’s whatever. Next time she calls, I’m just going to say “No hard feelings.” I think it’s her because she is the only person that I know who has a phone number that starts with “666” and is proud of it. LOL She’s a mess. Hope her life is well.

Alright then.
I think I’ve emptied myself.
My love to you all. God’s peace---- Oh Wait.

California friend went past his expiration date. He was on Facebook yesterday asking someone to call him. It took a week for anyone else to pay attention to what he said on the post that I mentioned. Someone came in a few days ago asking what I asked about the “last words part.” Some dork apparently swept past all of that and said, “Yeah!” Nitwit. Someone else asked him on the “Call me” post if he was okay. He said “Not good. I’ve lost everything.” This dude hasn’t said anything back to him. So I don’t know if this other person has actually called him back. He told her to call him at the hotel he was staying in. Guess he was there longer than expected.

So there’s that.

And now I’m done.
Peace, love & Light

Kindest regards,

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