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  • Aug. 16, 2020, 3:10 p.m.
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I talked to my kids father. I sent him a text of condolence and he called. I wasn’t going to leak tears until I did. He sounded…hollow. As he should, I suppose. He told me what all happened. I didn’t have words. I still don’t.

While we were on the phone, his sister called me and left a message. I called her back and told her I knew and gave a condolence to her as well. She really made my eyes run. Her daughter had posted something last night as well.

I am sad at other people’s sadness. I mean, that she passed is a sad occasion. I did know her. We hadn’t seen each other since my son graduated high school 4yrs ago. But when I hear and see how other people are affected, it gets me even more.

They will be keeping me up on arrangements. I was able to tell them about a colleague of my dad’s in the funeral business have COVID death funerals with the body laid out and social distancing in the seats.

So. That’s all for now.
Take care.

Kindest regards,

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