sleep apnea. coup countrecoup. bruises are better. csf leak. dysgeusia. sis. second-impact syndrome. in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

  • Aug. 10, 2020, 8:37 a.m.
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so. i think i got sleep apnea. again on thurs. or fri. rather as. when i’m at my mom’s i don’t go to sleep untill between 2 - 4 a.m. [again. how do you know? you were asleep.]. again. ok fair point. it was just this feeling of. again something happened when i was asleep.
so um. i think i got/had. have either coup, countrecoup or both. from the whiplash/concussion.s. ..................
btw. my bruises are better. thank god. that doesn’t mean everything’s great cause well obviously.
i um. well i had. stopped having headaches when i wake up er upon waking i mean. we’ll see how things go.
csf leak.............ok so it occurs when. the cs fluid well. leaks of course through an opening in the connective tissue the outermost layer. the dura matter. right.........oh it surrounds the brain and um. spine. ok..........
oh yeah. so i’ve had a sour taste in my mouth for awhile. and i tasted blood. when there wasn’t any. it’s called dysgeusia.
head skull pain on thurs.................
so yeah. sis. second-impact syndrome. i could’ve died from that. which obviously. as well as from hitting my left. temple. and my brain stem that day. good god. and yet. ironically. i have depression. that intersection freaks me out.
i have phonophobia, if i haven’t already mentioned that.
oh yeah that day last month i lost my upper peripheral vision for a bit? apparently. i had a bit of vascolitis. cause i looked it up. that’s how i know. oh that was the 25th.

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