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  • Aug. 9, 2020, 10:32 p.m.
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-Met my friends brother to get a thing from said friend
-Went to the dollar store and got drinks
-Raged about the lack of internet
-Repotted 12 pots worth of plants
-Gave both big dogs a bath
-Raked out the outdoor kennel and threw all the couch foam away
-Scrubbed the puppy pool
-Scrubbed the dog’s indoor water bucket
-Went to the card shop and Lowes with Protector
-Got 5 bags of drainage rocks and 5 stepping stones
-Swept out the indoor dog kennel
-Got all the fuzz pieces from the chewed up blanket in the trash
-Swept beside the dog kennel
-Vacuumed beside the dog kennel
-Hung a quote up on my wall
-Carried 4 stepping stones one at a time down the hill in the back yard and into the kennel (They’re 36lbs each…)
-Sent in my weekly claim for unemployment
-Made a decision to budget a certain amount for fencing in the back yard
-Set up the stones and gravel in the kennel
-Figured out I needed more gravel (probably about 10 more bags. more if I decide to do the whole kennel)
-Bruised the top of my foot by squishing it into a spring in a chair…with my own leg
-Bruised the side of my knee whacking it on a bin while I was carrying the vacuum
-Made pizza rolls for Protector
-Had to call the non-emergency line on someone driving ALL OVER THE ROAD. Bitch went over the yellow line, white line, started to go into a turn lane and jerked back over. Almost wrecked being on the wrong side of the road…THREE TIMES. It was just a lot. They never called me back though so I wonder what came of it. or didn’t. I was worried both for their safety and the safety of anyone else on the road.
-Started looking at ECE programs

And after I post this I’m going to:

-Brush my teeth
-Feed all the animals
-Curl up with Protector and go to sleep

Things I want to get done tomorrow:

-Go to lowes and get more gravel
-get the couch out of the kennel
-set up the rest of the gravel
-Clean cat cage 1
-Clean cat cage 2
-Clean Asher’s cage
-Clean Bun’s cage
-Start going through boxes
-post on buy nothing for the carpet remnant
-Some no mans sky
-Start master to do list
-At least have the energy to do some of this.

I’m proud of me.

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