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  • Aug. 9, 2020, 4:14 p.m.
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And if I am, why me?? I guess the follow up question would be Why not??

On a trip from the restroom at 5 am I got a call. It wasn’t from my mom, the number unfamiliar. I let it go. After it stopped, I was about to research the phone number when it called again. Reluctantly, I answered in my best sleepy annoyed voice.

My baby brother. He was 40 minutes away in a other county. How the eff sis you get out there? He didn’t tell me. More like he tried to make it seem as if he was high and walked. I don’t care how high someone is, you are not walking across a two lane highway bridge. He said he was getting clean this weekend. He was in front of a hospital when I found him. He said the hospital was kicking him out. I don’t buy that part. I also don’t buy that he called other people.

Where am I taking you to? He said his mother’s house. I asked if she knew if he was coming. He said yes, but I doubt it. He was trying to be slick. He was about to say or uhm…instead of saying you are NOT coming to my house, I just a accepted that his mother knew he was coming.

I hate driving the highway in the rain.

“I am in South City. You are in St. Charles. Do not call me repeatedly, rushing me and asking where I am. I’m in my way.” I was just JUST about to cross into St. Charles County, passing up Earth City and my phone rings. Same number. Yes?? Then he fixed his lips to ask me and I said to him didn’t I tell you not to do that?? I’m almost there. He was apologetic. I’m mad again.

I get to him. He opens my back door, moves my dictionary, shopping bag and bible, rather he shoved them out of the way to put his belongings directly on my seat. I would have preferred that he put his bag on top of my bag. Gets in. What’s your mother’s address? Gave me the name of the street. Like what are you, 4? My mother is in a nursing home and I know what her address is. I pulled into a gas station and put in the name of the street and was on my way.

He fell asleep. I was listening to podcasts. (Highly reccomend Podcast by Google. It’s got one feature that does it for me.)

He woke up when I got off the highway, regardless of the navigation that was interrupting my podcasts, he decided to guide me. Luckily I also know his mother has a car like mine. I drop him off and go home.

On the way home, the rain picked up a bit and I swerved, but corrected and all was ok. I thank God because I could have spun out. My adrenaline was high up until I got home. I sent my other brother a text detailing what happened. I wanted him to “keep me company” on the way there. When I pulled off the exit, I texted him again to let him know I had made it home.

One other thing that pissed me off…that damn cat left another dead mouse in the vicinity of my door. As I was leaving, I survey the area where I will step to make sure I don’t see dead vermin. This is kill #2 in as many months. Disgusting.

That’s what I was thinking about when my wheels hit that bit of water and my car lost traction and I swerved.

A bunch of us siblings are going to the church after service. We are protecting our father. Now I’m sleepy.

I came home and made a mango syrup in hopes of making some mango ice cream. Also warmed up fries and ate a grill cheese and a chicken strip from last night.

My brother texted back. He asked how did he get out there. THAT’S THE FIRST THING I ASKED HIM.

And I have to go out to my mom’s to give her something today.

That’s it. Hoping I can have a sunny disposition later. Going to have to churn the ice cream soon. Took out the ice cream maker yesterday.

Alright. Now that’s it.

Kindest regards,

Telstar August 09, 2020

Baby brother can wait until a more reasonable hour for free transportation services.

Or call somebody else.

Sister Telstar ⋅ August 11, 2020

He did call all the other siblings. I was the only dummy who answered the phone...

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