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so. um last wk. er yeah no it was last wk. cause today’s sun. um anyway on mon. i. almost passed out. again. it was during my time at the store. oh right. and later that day that night actually i. got a nosebleed again.
and on wed. i almost passed out. yet again. godamn. and another nosebleed i think? or maybe it was when i was at my mom’s.
on sat. er i mean that was yesterday. sorry i’m a little behind. of course um i. felt like. i was going to pass out. when i was. at the store. i’m starting to notice a pattern here.
i have. what’s known as an epidural hemotema. fuk. actually. it’s spelt ‘hemotama’. hematoma
. damnit. anyway. it basically means. that there is bleeding in between my brain and my. skull. damnit.
yeah cause on. thurs. i was sitting in my park on a bench. and i felt something pop. felt, not heard. and after i got wicked disoriented for about an hr. so during that time i was like ‘i should probably go’.
it’s weird. that it happened while i was at rest, not doing anything. um. a burst blood vessel. or artery actually. my occipital artery to be more specific. no actually. to be more accurate. again it’s accumulation [a collection of] blood between the brain and the skull. great. i’m amazed i haven’t damaged my skull more. i’m also amazed. that i damaged my skull. or rather. that it was damaged. evidently. the most common cause is. well. trauma. as in physical trauma. yep. but apparently. it can take wks. to develop. awesome. it commonly results from a blow to the head. and after almost a month. my neck. is stiff as hell. headaches, check. nausea, yes. i’ve not been up to eating cause well. i feel like crap. but i buy some satlt.............salt......................ines saltines earlier and have been munching on those. so. oh ok. so an epidural hematoma occurs when a large blood vessel leaks. well fuk. so it’s not really the same. as a burst. blood vessel. oh so it’s when blood collects outside, a blood vessel. yeah i think i basically said that.
i’ve had a hematoma before. my subdural one. and it took 21 days to clear up. get better. so it was. better by wed. and then. only to on thurs.
swear to god. my medical problems are like a hydra. one goes away only to have. another one pop up in its place.
sorry i know this entry’s a little vague. ‘you should really see a doctor’ no, really? thanks i had no idea. no advice.

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