so. last wk. VMPs. clavicle, uneven shoulders, bruised ribs, rotator cuff. meralgia, trouble forming words, nosebleeds, a bit of sundowner's, memories. sound it out. eye hemmorhage, in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

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sorry if this is repetitive.
so. apparently when i fell almost. a month ago it’ll be on mon. um. i did something to my clavicle collar bone. bc well it hurts and my. shoulders are uneven. a wk. ago er last wk. i mean they were quite uneven. but now they’re not as much.
and i. bruised a couple ribs and think i did something to my rotator cuff. fuk. either during the fall or some point after.
oh i had meralgia the 27th. it’s thigh pain basically.
i had the weird pain thing the 28th. pain + nauseau. oh god and i was trouble. er damnit. no sorry. what i meant was. i was having trouble forming. words like actually physically. and verbally forming, them. it’s v. frustrating. oh on the 29th the following day. i got a nosebleed. which may. be related to my. csf leak. ew. i know sorry. no and it’s weird cause i’m not someone who gets them a lot, if ever. i’m fine [well. i would hope so] it was just weird. and random.
oh yeah on the. 30th i think. i had a bit of sundowner’s. again. i’m a woman in her 30’s who’s recovering from 2 tbis. no but the past. 2 wks. a few days i get irritable some time before. um well sundown. regardless of what’s happened at the time or during the day prior to. that. again. i said ‘i think’.
i keep going. back and forth between my memories. of the concussions. [well. not actually getting them of course.]. like i get the memories confused.
as of the 31st. i um. in my head. sometimes when i’m about to say, a word i have to sound the word out. like ‘coma’ would be ‘comb’ ‘uh’. instead of just. the whole word at once.
*so. guess what? i got an eye hemmorhage last wk. sorry TMI i know. well i didn’t know what it was exactly. untill i looked it up and. oh. i mean it wasn’t fully over. my eye. and it’s better now. but wow. it’s a subconjunctivital [sp?] i think. hemmorhage er it was. yeah. that was weird.

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