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  • Aug. 8, 2020, 9:19 a.m.
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I’ve had a few days to get over the foolishness of the earlier part of this week. In the middle of it all, stepmother’s sister is in the hospital. Whatever God’s will, so be it. I was called and asked to come along with the other siblings. Only a few of us (who are already in the city) showed up. Auntie’s kids are messed up. One of my siblings is not graceful. She doesn’t listen, she’s always high or tipsy/drunk. It’s unhelpful. Combined with the fact she doesn’t really like Auntie’s son, she is a salt in the wound type person.

Momma (as I call my stepmother) is ok. She’s going to have to be ok. She and the other sister don’t have a flare for the dramatic, so there is a voice of reason around.

I don’t know. We keep getting text messages that her condition hasn’t really changed. A No News Is Good type thing I guess.

That’s about it.
Take care all…

Kindest regards,

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