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emphasized textI really need my dreams interpreted.

It started at my uncle’s house which, in some features looked like my dad’s house. It was decorated very briefly for Christmas which was odd because they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. But the way it was explained (in the movie ether of dreams) because my aunt was the one who brought him into it, he was allowed to decorate for Christmas very briefly and no gifts and stuff. So, it was his oldest son, his youngest son and his daughter there. My other cousin and some folks that were friends to them.

Then someone came to me and said, “Guess who is here??” And they moved and it was a guy named Zero. (Sidebar: I don’t know anyone by this name and the person portraying “Zero” was actually a guy I went to high school with named DeAndre.*) * Apparently me and Zero used to be this hot thing. But we were grown and such, so we sat together and talked. Then it was time for the decorations to come down, I remember my cousin Bun asking where the bucket was. My uncle was like what bucket. Apparently it was a bucket used for using the bathroom or something. It was odd. But the decorations were put away, we weren’t too loud as my aunt and uncle went to bed and the party rolled on.

I can’t remember any incidents that would warrant the next part.

Next morning, me and Scram were sitting on a couch in the living room talking when there was a knock on the door. My aunt was talking about something heading towards it and when she saw there were detectives at the door, she said, “James come here.” He comes to the door and opens it and the one woman detective looked like Swoozie Kurtz with Frances McDormand’s hat from Fargo. Didn’t really pay attention to her male partneremphasized text. But they both came in really aggressive, like not really asking questions, but making accusations. Then Swoozie came in asking about the bucket. I ask what bucket? They started talking about some dead man and a shitty and pissy bucket and we were like we don’t know anything about a bucket. They left but were determined that someone at the house was guilty of something.

Later on, a few of us went out. Zero and a friend were some kind of performers. Zero and his friend also turned into these two white guys. (I don’t know.) But something went down here that was kind of related to the dead guy and the bucket that sent me running.

I had my “family” with me. It consisted of some kids and weirdly “Dan Conner” John Goodman. I was doing these weird parkour jumps with a…very sturdy…m....magic carpet…type thing??? I’m just as confused. I was jumping these levels and they (family) were like believing in me. I knew I could do the jumps, and I even felt my foot push off of where we were. As I leapt, it felt weird but I was able to stay high enough in the air and coast to land where I was going.

Somehow we got separated, me and my family. I went ahead because someone got hurt and apparently I’m the one they wanted. I jumped to a pub but I couldn’t stay hidden there. Oh, my pursuers where like, Sherriff of Nottingham style and I was in and above the trees. I was peeking out of a window and someone saw me but they were kind of stupid because they didn’t know or realized that they saw me in the pub enough to find me. At any rate, I was always ahead of them, but they always managed to catch up. After the pub, I found myself at someone’s home. They helped me and hid me when they showed up.

The dream at some point had me like I was on a date and there was a group of us. I was all “It’s nice to relax and not worry about…” something. Just as soon as I say that, of course I gotta be on the move again.

So this last part, I was alone, still ahead of my family. I think I was hurt some kind of way. I was also hiding. I was given this thing that looked like a round bowl/vase but if I light this wick, I can send a message to my family. I was telling them, I love and miss them and that I hope they were ok and for them to come to me. And told them about an old lady. Apparently that’s where I was hiding out. Oh, and as I was doing this, I was “Roseanne Conner” when she was really heavy with the short, curly and crunchy looking hair. It was only for a moment.

Its started to fade away as I started to wake up.
I just wanted to get this down in the event I find a dream interpreter again

Gonna try and go back to sleep. I hate when my dreams play out like movies. Not really, but I don’t like not knowing what they mean. The fish dreams I have down flat. Someone is pregnant. This other symbolic stuff, I don’t know. I hate not knowing.

Night night my lovelies.

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