Housing hell in Bittersweet

  • Aug. 4, 2020, 8:41 p.m.
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ok so everyone knows buying a house is stressful. Despite having a few repairs the new house needed, and our closing was delayed a week due to paperwork. So far its been on.
Till we go to close yesterday…
Our appointment to close was at 1. They moved it to 4. We get there and didnt leave till after 7. Not only was it our realtors longest closing. Its the only closing that hes been to in 20 years that didnt actually CLOSE.

So the paperwork the underwriters sent us was off on its figures. So the title company was rewriting everything AS we signed stuff.

Then comes the WTF part.
Our bank dosent do wire transfers. And the ONLY way to pay our 7 thousand dollars in closing costs are wire transfers. We find this out at 7 at night. So cue a mad panic. It will take 3 days to transfer our closing costs to our other bank that does. The bank that holds my car loan payments and thats the only reason it was open. But the documents we sign expire in 24 hours ( 6 hours from now actually!) and then our seller could legally back out of our house.

OMG. We cant take the 3 days to transfer money. After mad panic and scrambling. T’s childhood best friend and biz partner agreed to put the 7K into our other bank account so we can make the wire transfer to pay our closing costs and finish buying our house. Then we can transfer the 7K sitting in transfer limbo till the end of the week, into his account. Not many people would be willing to give a friend that kind of money! Its a lot of money. Even in a rich mans world. That is a chunk of money. And he said yes he can do that. I mean how can we ever thank him.... In fact T just told me hes on the way to the bank.Hes 2 hours behind us ( time zone difference) so we had to wait for him to be up and active. Its going to come down to the wire. Then we may not actually even get our keys today for the house. Because the confirmation of a wire transfer can take a few hours! So if it comes after 5 pm, then we cant even start moving till tomorrow.

Cosmo my dog has been freaking out for days. Hes on a massive anxiety kick. you move and he bolts whimpering. Hes so stressed. So my mom suggested i give him this calm dog medication she has. Guess what. My dog is stoned off his arse. Its pretty hilarious. Its been about 4 hours now. He sleeps mostly but if you try hard you can call him and get his attention. He comes to you, then flops over and falls asleep before you can pet him. Hes been sleeping under the kids computer desk. Hes just in a trance. At least hes calmed down for once. Now if only little girl would get off my butt and chill out. I cant even walk without tripping on her. I cant turn around or ill knock her over. Shes that far up my butt too!

So yeah, there is our housing hellish closing… I know it could be worse. But i havent slept, and im so anxious. And now totally bummed about my birthday… Not that its a big deal but still.

Oh yeah. Its my birthday. Happy 36th to me. I feel like im 50. Im exhausted and stressed to the max. And i cant even say i got a house for my birthday. I get to sit in limbo all day and wait to find out if we can start moving. Or what…

Symmetry August 04, 2020

Man that sounds like hell. Especially coming down to the wire like that. So nice of your husband's friend.
Happy birthday!
I'd love to know the name of that medication used on your dog. I have been looking for something in the evenings for my husky cross. She has severe anxiety and it would be nice if she could sleep through the night rather than howl at the trains whenever they drive by.

ChainedChrysalis Symmetry ⋅ August 13, 2020

Its called Dog Calm. Its pot lol.

Symmetry ChainedChrysalis ⋅ August 13, 2020

I have been giving my dogs CBD but it does not make them sleepy whatsoever. If it's not harmful I'd love to give my dogs that stuff.

ChainedChrysalis Symmetry ⋅ August 13, 2020

Ill see if i can take a photo and upload it next time i have internet access. Maybe next week till my internet gets turned on,.

Symmetry ChainedChrysalis ⋅ August 13, 2020

Is it a local company? Can't find it online.

girl in recession August 05, 2020

Happy birthday!! I turned 37 in Feb and trust me I FEEL YOU on feeling 50. I do too most days and I'm like, is THIS what getting old feels like? And then everyone tells me "youre too young to feel old!" ugh

I am so sorry this is all happening. I would be LIVID. I flipped out over my credit union freezing our account last week. I even reported them to the Texas CU association thingy. What I did to get our money back OUT of the credit union once they un-froze our account was I wrote myself a check from that account and did a mobile deposit (on my phone) into our Big Bank account. It literally took 24 hours for it to clear! I was like, HOW is that possible? It took weeks and a frozen account for the same amount of money to be transfered from the Big Bank to the CU... That's just some fishy bullshit.

Jinn August 06, 2020

That is a nightmare ! Not many people have that good of a best friend :-)
Why is your dog so anxious ? That calming medicine sounds useful!
Happy belated Birthday 🎂!

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