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  • Aug. 3, 2020, 9:56 a.m.
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Friday, when I didn’t go to work, one of the maintenance guys got taken to HR about his mask. Another flag print. He is now wearing it as a headband and says it came down to take it off or loose your job. Basically, if it’s a mask you can’t have it. .... No markings at all. However, you can wear a hat.... or a shirt… or whatever.... just no markings on your mask. It’s dumb. I got to talk to him twice Sunday. Letting him know I support his headband and the effort he put in to keep it.

Everyone wants to know how William is getting on. He hasn’t told me anything.

Sunday one of the girls at work wasn’t feeling well. I encouraged her to leave Ïf it’s that bad hun, let the rest of us pick up the slack and go home.” I was actually directly effected when she left. David was training a girl from another department because she was placed on light duty. She got minimal training the first 4 hours then she was on her own. I did fault recovery and she just flipped cells. Which worked out okay. She managed to screw that up a few times but each time I quickly fixed it and got back to my job. We obviously could use a few new people and I’m not at all upset. Just a thing that happened.

I’m back to trying to work MTurk this morning because of the whole mask thing. I want to get these things paid and get out of there. Seriously don’t like working at a place I don’t agree with and honestly I feel like they are just targeting people for wearing a print of the flag on a mask? It’s got me all WTF. Next thing you know they will be implementing Sharia law or something (no I don’t think that really just that it feels so extreme why not?) and I really don’t want to have to depend on a job I can’t work at.

I made a list of things I would like to do today.... as usual....cause it makes me feel better. I want to relist 5 items on the FB group. I plan on resetting inventory this week sometime so honestly that’s the one that might get put off. 10 on MTurk.... I’ve got 5 so far at 8:16. I need to go get some drinks for work (Fruit 2o) in Murfreesboro.... Rocky wanted to go so I’ve got to put that off..... he said a book he’s been waiting on came out and he wasn’t to go to the book store and the store I need is in between here and there so I’ll wait. I have a few things I need to get at WalMart. It’s unfortunately things I can’t order for pickup.... phone card and Chocolate milk that’s not on the site (local brand Rocky loves). I plan on heading out to do that just after the 9 am Justin’s on MTurk. I also have 2 packages to go out this morning which I will drop off before WM. Then we have the Chiropractor at 3:30 today. We’d moved it because Rocky was told about overtime but he still hasn’t gotten results from the last test. I’m not worried, he doesn’t have it. I’d be worried if he seemed to get worse or something but he’s not. He likely won’t get up till at least 10.... book store opens at 11.

I also plan on playing a ton of Animal crossings today because I have to catch up on buying things.... the last date I played was the 24th. With goals of buying all the things Nook’s has to sell so that ultimately I can design my island however I want.... lol

Then Tuesday I guess is when I’ll look through all the things I have and get them in better boxes. I’ve sold a lot of the things from the last pallet so I have boxes that are only half full. I’d like to go next week to get a new pallet. ....

Wednesday we plan on taking a trip to McKay’s. I’ve got to take the books we got off the last pallet up (before I start a new one and all) and Sammy suggested (a long time ago) a place in Nashville called Sushi train. He’s here till Thursday so I would like us all to go. Then he’d like to sit and play some FLUX. I’m up for a few games. I also have Animal crossings, 10 on turk and 5 items written there too....
Then Thursday is the day we move Sammy to the dorm. I’ll have to clean out the closet so he can get his stuff in there.

k.... 4 mins to Justin’s and leaving the house for a bit. (Sammy’s up and talking that’s why it took that long lol)

I guess that’s it for today.

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