betrayel and my sister. in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

  • Aug. 3, 2020, 2:53 a.m.
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so i was reading this thing online. it was on grunge .com or something one of those sites. anyway [and obviously it’s not possible to completely. predict that someone’s going to betray another.] is. the person who does so is super polite. no of course not everyone who is super polite is going to do so. no but my sister will ask ‘can i?’ instead of just. being direct about w/e it is. i.e. ‘hey i’ma borrow that book for a bit’ ok. ‘can i..........borrow that book?’ i don’t know. can, she? no but really. ‘can’ is about mental and physical ability. and makes the asker sound like they’re infantilasing themselves. and like they’re not aware they have free will. which actually makes sense. as she’s the youngest and. likes being take care of when she’s sick whereas i hate it. no don’t feel bad for me it’s ok.
um anyway. so i thought that was interesting. valerie was like that too actually. and. valerie betrayed me.
what’s really weird. is if someone were to ask that of me. a lot i.e. ‘can you.........?’ is that person a doctor? and am i being tested on my physical abilities? no really. that’s what it means to me. i.e. ‘can you........?’ do what a contortionist does? no i’m pretty sure i’d be physically unable. to do so. or can a house jump? no a house cannot jump. thankfully.
i won’t ask. for something i’ll just state i want it. i.e. ‘i want a piece of that cake’.
but yeah. the article thing.

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